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Why am i not established member yet?

Discussion in 'New Member' started by ValariusXT, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Yes, I joined last September 11 and It's my 30 days today. I also posted 50+ messages already. So, when will I get Established? I read about someone the other day that he's been here six months and still not Established yet. How could that be? Is the system broken?
  2. Xifu

    Xifu Honorary Poster Established

    Maybe you're missing something.
  3. I don't think so. As I've said I already reached and surpassed the 30 messages requirement and also the 30 day time period to become a established member. As a matter of fact I'm a grasshopper now and I've seen Grasshopper levels already in Established status.
  4. welcome ka phc
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  5. SoftICE

    SoftICE PHC Master Established

    Congrats you are now established, may mga delayed ang pag update sa status but it's a matter of minutes lang, kaya wait...wait lang pag mi time tol!!!
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  6. freeztyle

    freeztyle Addict Established

    Welcome sa established member bro.
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  7. Yep! At long last! It wasn't that too hard as someone would think. I'm just curious now about those that's been here longer and still not a Established member yet. Or it's possible that it's been revoked because of inactivity.

    Excited much, lol! One month wait is worth it if you think about it.
  8. Ako rin Grasshopper na, wait na lang mag establish haha

    oh wait established na ako
  9. youre now established
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