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Who do you want as the next President of the Philippines 2016?

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Events' started by Draft, Jul 7, 2015.


Who do you want as the next President of the Philippines 2016?

  1. Mar Roxas

  2. Jejomar Binay

  3. Miriam Defensor Santiago

  4. Rodrigo Duterte

  5. Grace Poe

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    We want to know who your 2016 bet is.

  2. DUTERTE para sakin daming addict dito sa BAGONG SILANG CAL. CITY
    para mabawasan:sneaky: :D
  3. SUB_X

    SUB_X Support Team Staff Member Support Team

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  4. Duterte para tumino naman mga tao sa pinas
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  5. Duterte for president (y)
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  6. lamaran11

    lamaran11 Addict Established

    Si Duterte,pero kung ayaw nya kumandidato,i'll be voting Bongbong Marcos as the next president of the Philippines
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  7. Duterte po for a renewed government that strives the best for everbody dito sa pilipinas :)
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  8. Dreuz

    Dreuz Addict Established

    Kong d kumandidato si Duterte, ako nlng ang tatakbong presidente hahaha xD :p:D
  9. lol ano po ang propaganda nyo? FREE WIFI? :D
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  10. Dreuz

    Dreuz Addict Established

    hahaha Free Internet no need na Usurf at VPN haha :D:D
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  11. lamaran11

    lamaran11 Addict Established

    oo iLoonie libre wifi sa mga barbershop at gulayan..
  12. nice. DAVAO here I come :D
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  13. Binay ako, *only Reason* baka sumarap na ung cake na galing sa Makati although i'm not a registered voter :hilarious:
  14. Duterte!
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  15. Duterte. Philippines needs an iron hand for law enforcement. Wala na akong choice na iba, si Bong Bong naman baka gayahin ginawa ng Ama nya kung saan libo libong tao ang pinatay.
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  16. paano na ang cake namin kapag natalo si Binay, baka maging pandesal nalang :shifty:
  17. saken din duterty
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  18. christian

    christian Addict Established

    Duterte... para maayos ang mga balaktot na daan...;)
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  19. Bayaw! bayaw! bayaw! lol joke lang... I like duterte pru pag hindi sya tumakbo ill go with bongbong :D
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  20. aldwin25

    aldwin25 Eternal Poster Established

    Si Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2015
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