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What's Love?

Discussion in 'Love' started by airnel, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. :happy: Life is too short, every second, minute of our life is important especially when if you together with your special one.
    Many type how to show your love.
    Sometimes we failed to choose the right one.
    But failure is not the reason to stop loving but it became inspiration and it can give you the right one for you.

    Love sometimes is in wrong timing, but sometimes in good timing.
    If you find the true love never let it go, because letting someone gone/go is being dyeing.
    Love is full of magic. It can give you the happiness that you want, but sometimes it gave you the reason to cry.
    Love started for being friend, best friend and then became lover.
    Love gave you inspiration especially when you are sad.

    If you love someone show it to him that how you love him so much.
    Because we don’t know maybe we wake up someday knowing that the one we love is gone. Make every moment special.
    Gave understanding and trust to your love.
    So that it will be longer your relationship.
    Don’t asking too much ‘coz it can hurt the one that we love.

    Always trust the person you love.
    Love is stronger than anything else. So if you love someone tell them.
    Don’t be afraid to say it. Because we don’t know tomorrow if we have a chance to tell them.
    Every moment is a precious. Love is not enough to be together the two couples.
    It needs too the trust and understanding to each other.
    Love is always unexpected.
    It came to your life that you are in need. It gave rejoice to you.

    Nothing even happier than to see the one you love that happy when you are together.
    Distance will not be the reason to change the love that you feel to each other.
    If you truly love someone, you can wait for the right time.
    The most important spicy of a relationship are trust, love and understanding to each other! :hug:
  2. Love is An intense feeling of deep
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