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What type of screen protector we should buy for P9?

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by htfan, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. Most of the people will consider to apply a screen protector after they bought P9. However, I believe certain people will let their P9 “*phcorner*” as well xD
    Therefore, I have research some related information. Let’s see how important the screen protector is:

    P9 come with screen protector?
    There are a lot of different views about the importance of screen protector. Besides, we know that most of the mobile are come with a screen protector, therefore P9 is not excepted as above photo. However, the so call “screen protector” that come with the P9 could be described as useless as it is unable to protect the mobile screen effectively.

    The Layer of the Mobile Screen
    Usually, the screen of the mobile is divided into 4 layers which included protected screen, touch screen, spaces and display screen. Therefore, the screen protector is applied on the protected screen of the mobile. Actually, most of the mobile are using the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 gradually and therefore the hardness of the mobile screen has been improved greatly. Thus, some people might question is that necessary to apply a screen protector on the mobile screen?

    From my own opinion, a screen protector is necessary to apply on the P9 screen. Reason being is who knows maybe one day you drop your P9 on the floor, although the screen did not broken however it might have some scratch on the screen.

    Hence, it is advisable that we seek for the assistance from experts to apply the screen protector correctly to avoid from any scratch or damage to the screen.

    Which type of screen protector we should choose?
    Among many types of the screen protector, I would recommended that we should purchase the tempered glass from the official platform. It is because by comparing the hardness, tempered glass is the hardest screen protector without any question.

    Usually most of the luminousness of the tempered glass is between 94% until 96%. Besides, tempered glass able to prevent the screen from damage effectively as well!

    Ohh yaa, I would also suggest to select the 0.3 mm tempered glass as it is the ideal thickness of tempered glass. Reason being is the thickness below 0.3mm is frangible and the thickness above 0.3mm would affect the user experience.


    As conclusion, selecting the screen protector is a matter of opinion and above is just my personal opinion. Thanks for reading guys!
  2. What about tempered glass?
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