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[Werold] First public news for the mobile game "MoKai Adventure"

Discussion in 'Role Playing Game' started by Werold, May 12, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hi, there.

    We are Werold, a team with rich experience and new ideas, and we want to show everyone the heart-touching, interesting and innovative games we have created.

    Werold is currently developing a Japanese-style RPG adventure and monster raising game featuring monsters of various and unique personalities.

    The players will assume the roles of the male or female protagonists and visit this fantasy world full of monsters named "MoKai".

    Protagonists will use the "MoKai phone" modified by a witch to establish a close bond with the MoKai and lead the MoKai, together with the "MoKaipedia" in an adventure to save the fantasy world.

    During the process, the players will learn to face danger and difficulty together, and decide whether to stay in the fantasy world or return to reality. They will experience the protagonists’ adventurous saga, as well as touching friendships.

    Diversified MoKai
    The players can collect over 150 MoKai, each of which can be freely raised, and experience the comradeship developed during battles.

    Special MoKai catching system
    Through the pursuit, as well as the interactions with various scenes, the players will increase their chance of catching MoKai, while experiencing a different type of game playing.

    Battle system
    In lively and fun battle scenes, through the use of "ultimate ability", players can turn the tide of the battle while experiencing the amazing process of the battle.

    The game is still currently under production and relevant information will be released successively on the official Facebook. More information and activities will also be available once the game has been officially launched. So stay tuned to MoKai Adventure Facebook fan page!

    Official Facebook: Please or Register to view links
    If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at werold.studio@gmail.com.
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  2. Looking forward for the advancement of the games. :-)
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  3. Thank you for your interest in MoKai Adventure.

    We are in a hurry to prepare the test version and be going to release the closed beta test.

    We'll continue to release news to the forum and the Facebook fan page.

    Thank you for your attention again.
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    Boy protagonist or girl protagonist?
    Which one do you like?

    See more at Official Facebook: Please or Register to view links
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