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Trivia Ways To Look More Handsome

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by Yours, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. Sa mga nagtatanong jan kung paano ang maging pogi :D Heto na yon

    Simple Ways To Look More Handsome

    Want to look more handsome and Please or Register to view links? Yes? Who doesn't want to! Sadly enough-it pays to be good looking these days. We live in a superficial world that promotes outer beauty and better appearance. Life becomes a tad easy if you're good looking-you get women, you get better service, and surprisingly-better salary, too. Good news is that it's easier to become handsome these days. Just follow these 10 easy steps.

    1. Moisturize Daily
    You've heard this from us countless times, but do you really ever moisturise? Consider it as food for your face. It reduces the risk of post-shave irritation and also helps in maintaining the skin's pH balance. It's just a simple act of using a moisturiser. No big deal!

    2. Shave like your Granddad

    If your face becomes no less than a battleground after you shave, then you probably have to go back to the basics. The new-age five blades in your cartridge will do a fabulous job but it will rob the natural oils off your skin that you need in order to avoid nicks and cuts. Solution? Use a Please or Register to view links blade like your granddad.

    3. Use an SPF when you go Out

    Take heed, or be ready to go under the knife by using botox sooner than you thought. Get into the habit of applying sunscreen daily before stepping out of your house. Not only will you age slowly, but you'll also keep Please or Register to view links at bay.

    4. Take care of your Hands and Feet

    How your hands look and feel matters the most because they make the first physical contact with the other person. So, wash them with soap and water, clean the gunk from under and around the nails, clip them and moisturize your hands on a regular basis. And then extend the same courtesy to your feet because there is nothing more ghastly a sight than dirt, flaky feet.

    5. Embrace your Grey Hair

    Two words-Milind Soman and George Clooney. But, in order for grey hair make you look great; you'd have to put in some effort. Keep your monthly trims regular. Silver hair is dryer than your regular hair, so use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to nourish your mane. In fact you should use a hydrating hair product especially made for men with grey hair.

    6. Get an Occasional Facial

    A facial is essentially a holistic rejuvenation of your face, and the process includes cleansing, massaging and scrubbing with various high-end products-gels, creams and cleansers. It's an experience which is extremely benefitting for your facial skin, so you don't have to, but actually deserve to get a facial done once a month.

    7. Have White Teeth

    Stained, unclean teeth are an indication of your grooming habits, or lack thereof. Having a whiter set of teeth is therefore not just given, but also plays a key role in the dating game as well as your professional life. The best possible way to whiten your teeth is to go for regular cleanings every six months. Additionally, follow these Please or Register to view links for a cleaner, whiter set of teeth.

    8. Smell Nice

    Smelling nice is actually the easiest thing to do. shöwër with a scented soap/wash, use deodorants or perfumes, hell, you can launder your clothes even. But, the most essential habit is to have a Please or Register to view links. It will go a long way in identifying your personality and dictating other people's opinion of you.

    9. Wash your Face how it is Meant to Be

    How you wash your face depends completely on your skin type. If you have acne, or an oily T zone, it's always advisable to wash everywhere first and leave that area for last in order to remove any residue-buildup. Get into the habit of exfoliating your face, twice a week for a healthy looking skin.

    10. Have your Personal Hairstylist

    It's actually the rule number 1. Because if everything else fail, you'll at least have a good haircut that is enough to make you more attractive. Have a personal hairstylist who understands you, your preferences, and your lifestyle and gives a haircut accordingly. Because just having a trendy haircut won't cut in, you need to maintain your hairstyle throughout, and having a stylist will help you achieve just that.
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