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Tutorial Ways on how to tie a necktie

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by Soul Surfer, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Here are some tutorial Tips on how to tie your necktie. (y) IMG_22678673946812.jpeg IMG_22681689752043.jpeg IMG_22693784733351.jpeg IMG_22698408464966.jpeg IMG_22707925520658.jpeg IMG_22721238002120.jpeg IMG_22693784733351.jpeg
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  2. queencee

    queencee Forum Expert Established

    This is very useful T.S.
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  3. madali lang tu, salamat ms soul praktisan ko tu
  4. Thanks sistah :kiss:

    Ako hirap na hirap dyan. :hilarious:
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  5. queencee

    queencee Forum Expert Established

    Sintas nga sistah zegen nalilito nako kung ano next...yan pa kayang necktie:hilarious: Iba na may guide.
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  6. pagpraktisan ko yung aso namin :LOL:
  7. Ako nga din, hirap na hirap din sa sintas :LOL:

    Haha. Pano ka magpapraktis eh wala ka naman atang necktie :hilarious:
  8. diba meron nun ms soul yung ididikit nalang
  9. Ou meron non sa mga dept store. Ou nga naman, mas madali yun :LOL:

  10. magkakaroon na ako ng ganyan ms soul :sneaky:
  11. Bibili ka lang yung ididikit na . Hahah :hilarious:
  12. queencee

    queencee Forum Expert Established

    zegen lagi ba brownout sa inyo at yang avatar mo lagi madilim ahehehe

  13. oo ms soul :hilarious:

    madilim kasi ngayon yung lovelife ko ms queen hahahha
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  14. Madilim :nailbiting:. Kasalan ni ano yan :playful:
  15. queencee

    queencee Forum Expert Established

    Ay kaya naman pala...in time you will be happy again...sa ngayon aliwin mo muna sarili mo by practising to tie a necktie :hilarious: sistah zegen thanks to your tutorial sistah Soul Surfer
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  16. May point ka sistah queen . :LOL:
    Praktis praktis din :D
    You're welcome (y)
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  17. baka bukas liliwanag nayan ms queen hahaha

  18. queencee

    queencee Forum Expert Established

    zegen I'm counting on it. It's ok to undergo grief but it is better to turn the page...be brighter tomorrow sistah...:happy:

    And that portion was brought to you by the Trinity Knot na mukang pretzel:hilarious:
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  19. :love::love: ngayon ko lang nagamit tu na mga emoticon, gagamitin ko na :LOL:
  20. Dami kong tawa sayo sistah :LOL:
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