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Ways Of Reusing Clothes

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Yours, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. 7 Creative Ways Of Reusing Clothes That No Longer Fit

    1. Reuse old t-shirts to make pillows

    Our favorite thing about old t-shirts is how soft they are — why not put that to good use by making them into pillows? Just cut off the sleeves, fill them with pillow stuffing, and sew up the bottom. If you aren’t handy with a needle and thread, you can even duct tape the opening for a quick fix. Pillow stuffing is cheap to buy online or at most craft stores, or if you’re trying to get rid of even more t-shirts, you can stuff your t-shirt pillow with more rolled-up t-shirts.Bonus: if pillows aren’t really your thing, consider making a quilt!

    Quilts are great for using up old clothes or other fabric. And if all the different squares don’t match, it doesn’t matter! Quilts look better the more diverse they are.

    2. Treat your pet to an adorable outfit

    Those old jeans may not look cute on you anymore… but there’s no way they wouldn’t be cute on your puppy. If you’re not an ambitious enough at sewing to make dog pants, try something easier: pop a small t-shirt onto a mid- to large-sized dog, or cut up fabric to use for a dog bandana.

    3. Turn sleeveless shirts into bags

    Sew the bottom of a tank top together and you have a perfect shopping bag with a little extra personality. Bonus points: save the environment even more by saying no to shopping bags. If you live in a state where they charge for shopping bags, count this a money saver as well!

    4. Turn tattered clothes into headbands

    Headbands, bandanas, or other hair pieces are a snap to make. Just cut a long strip of fabric or a square out of your favorite shirt or skirt, and you’re ready to go. Whether for going out, running, or just cleaning the house, an extra bandana or headband to keep your hair out of your face can always come in handy.

    5. Take tight or short clothes and turn them into a sê×ÿ Halloween costume

    Is that flannel shirt a little tight? Pair it with some short jorts for a sê×ÿ cowgirl look — just because it’s not work appropriate doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for Halloween. Other good costume ideas for too-small clothing include: sê×ÿ boy scout or girl scout, sê×ÿ teacher, or sê×ÿ librarian.

    6. Sell them for some extra cash
    You’d be surprised — selling your clothes at second-hand clothing stores can add up to a pretty decent pay day. While you’ll often only get a few dollars for each piece, you never know which old items might suddenly be in demand again, or even be considered vintage.

    7. Donate them to the needy
    Because nothing feels better around the holidays than sharing with those less fortunate, why not give away old clothes to the needy? Goodwill or the Salvation Army have drop off locations all over the country, and it’s a great feeling to know that the clothes that no longer fit you may look just perfect on somebody else.

    Nice ideas :hilarious:
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  3. salamat sa share po. cute naman
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