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WANTED: Data Entry / Data Encoder P1200 per day

Discussion in 'Jobs & Employment' started by renbunquin, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. Work from home project
    Must understand English instructions
    Must know how to follow a checklist
    To apply, click the REPLY button and please post your typing speed here, along with how many hours per week you can work. To complete your application, Please or Register to view links to send additional info

  2. 70-80wpm / 6hrs a day
  3. Typing speed: 40-50 WPM and can work 50-60 hours per week
  4. rines88

    rines88 Addict Established

    30-40 wpm... 8-12 hours a day..
  5. tested or scam? di ko alam if pwede ito e post pero dapat bawal ang ganito wala proof... hinihila nito ang reputation nang isang forum kung ito ay scam..
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  6. nagtry kayo magregister sa site nila?
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  7. 60 wpm and I can work 50 hours/week.
  8. This is legit and not a scam.
  9. 35-40 wpm
    15-20 hours per week
  10. 50-65 wpm .
    10-20 Hours per week .
  11. btw TS,i already sent my application through the said website pero til now i received a paid application on my email instead.thanks in advance,ill wait for ur response.I will again fill out the form on the link you provided.more power to you
  12. 35-40 WPM 30 hours a week
  13. 50 to 60 wpm
    40 to 50 hours
  14. 40WPM and I can work 40-50 hours a week
  15. 50-60WPM
  16. 60-65 NWAM 50-60 hours per week
  17. typing speed is 40 wpm. I can work 40-50 hours per week.
  18. 30-40 WPM
    50 hours/week
  19. 30-40wpm 8hrs/day

    30-40wpm 8hrs/day
  20. 30-40 word per minute
    4 hours per day
    5 days a week
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