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Tutorial Use Pen drive or Memory Card as RAM in Windows

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by airnel, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. RAM (Random Access Memory) is the memory which computer uses to work on different processes.The more RAM you have, the faster the process is.
    As now a days there are large number of programs and software's which require a large amount of RAM to be run properly.
    Usually Most Of the Old Computers Has on 512MB or 1GB RAM. But, that’s not enough to run some High Memory consuming software's.
    Especially, the Games require a big amount of RAM to play smoothly. I have faced many problems with Games on my computer due to RAM.

    First I,ll show you a manual way and after that I,ll provide you a software for this purpose.

    The basic scheme is this that we are going to use a pendrive or USB drive as a RAM, yes it is possible all the memory available in a removable pendrive/USB can be converted into RAM to increase the working speed of the computer.

    So, here I am going to show you how you can use your USB Pen Drive as RAM.
    If you have 512 MB of RAM or even if it is just 1GB then this post is especially for you.


    Manual Method to Convert USB/Pendrive Into RAM:-

    How to use pendrive as ram memory in windows xp!!

    Here is the required procedure for converting USB/pendrive memory into RAM manually…

    1) Plug your pendrive into PC/laptop (Minimum 2GB Maximum 4GB
    for better Performance). Format your Pen drive with FAT file System.

    2) Right Click On My Computer.

    3) Open up properties.

    4) Go to Advanced Option.

    5) Now select Settings of Performance.

    6) Again Click on the Advanced Button which is shown
    In the popup Window.

    7) Now click on Change button shown in Virtual memory.
    Now, from the local drives list, click on your Pen Drive letter.
    Then Select the Option Custom Size after than
    Set the Initial Size and Maximum Size as
    depend upon your Pen drive Space....

    9) After than click on Set and apply the changes.

    10) Restart your PC/Laptop and Thus you are done.

    A very very Important Suggestion to UNDO this

    Follow till Step 7 after that set the initial size and maximum size to value 0 (ZERO).Click SET then select the option no paging file button.Once you do this DO NOT REMOVE YOUR DRIVE.
    How to use pen drive as ram memory in windows 7 and windows vista.

    Windows 7 and Windows vista comes with a ready boost option.

    Q - What is ready boost
    Ans - "ReadyBoost is a disk cache component of Microsoft Windows, first introduced with Microsoft's Windows Vista in 2006 and bundled with Windows 7 in 2009

    It works by using flash memory, a USB flash drive, SD card, CompactFlash, external hard drive or any kind of portable flash mass storage system as a cache.If you are using a high configuration PC, It doesn't show any effect on speed because if you are a normal user I think only a few times you use your full ram memory but if you are using an old pc with low ram memory(Like 512 MB or IGB) and harddisk & using vista or 7.
    It speed up your PC and you will see the result, reduced application data loading time, reduced shutdown and restart time and many more you can't imagine without High ram memory.

    How to use this feature

    1) Format your Pen Drive with FAT file System.

    2) Now go to properties->Select ReadyBoost.

    3) Check Use this device->
    Choose maximum space to reserve system speed.

    4) Click on Apply and OK.

    5) Your readyboost PenDrive is ready Now to Use.


    Do NOT pull flash drive out of USB Port while it is being used as a ReadyBoost device.

    Do NOT save any data files on the flash drive when it is being used as ReadyBoost device.

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  2. ask ko lang po . may old laptop po ko . Release 2002 . ask ko lang pwede ba iupgrade ito ? kc ubod ng bagal parang pagong .. sarap ibalibag ..
  3. pwede boss repalaced ka lang ng bagong RAM or mag add ka:thumbsup: anu ba system specs ng lappy mo?
  4. pano ba malalaman kung ano spec ng lappy ? enxa na .. mobile hack addicted kc ako . ky bago lang ako sa mga ganito .
  5. punta ka run boss type mo "dxdiag" or right click mo my computer tapos properties:D
  6. system manufacturer: Elitegroup Co.
    system model: i-Buddie

    system type: X86-based

    PC processor: x86 family 5 model 4
    stepping 3 genuineTMx86 BIOS

    Version/Date: American
    Megatrends Inc. 07.00T, 4/2/2001

    SMBIOS Version: 2.3 Total

    Physical Memory:

    Page file: C:\pagefile.sys

    Yan po pagcheck ko ..
  7. change ka ng RAM mo boss :D gawin mo kahit 1G baba ng physical memory mo. kung kaya mo tanggalin RAM mo para yan maging reference mo pag bibili ka.
  8. ah ok po boss bibilis kaya ?? kc pag nag.oopen ako ng window specially sa browser .. ang tagal bago mag.open . tapos ang log pa . hindi ko magamit sa pagnenet ..
  9. ah ok po boss bibilis kaya ?? kc pag nag.oopen ako ng window specially sa browser .. ang tagal bago mag.open . tapos ang log pa . hindi ko magamit sa pagnenet ..
  10. magkano kaya ang ram ??
  11. pag DDR2 yan boss siguro nasa 700 to 1k
  12. boss babalik ba sa dati pag nagrestart ako?
  13. yes boss kasi kukuha sya sa flashdrive mo :y:
  14. thanks boss usefull sakin 2
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2013
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  15. when you say FAT ok lang po boss na FAT-32 di ba po?
  16. bakit po boss parang yung drive C p din yung gngamit ng PC ko for paging instead po yung sa USB ko?
  17. same here ganun pa din...... ang c drive pa din

    windows xp pro
  18. tnx for sharing boss


    di ba masisira pen drive nito?
    paano maibalik sa dati?
    reformat lang ba ulit solution?

    sa sasagot tnx sa inyo...
  19. thanks for sharing bossing(y)
  20. Thanks for sharing :)
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