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Discussion in 'Clash of Clans' started by spawns12, Aug 1, 2015.


    Many people are wondering what are the bests settings for a th9. Since i've been having lots of success, I decided to share the settings i've used through my whole th9 farming process. Now everyone's always worried about farming DE but trust me your storage will more than likely be full or almost full Lol !

    Best Trophy range : Between 1600-2100 (I change every 4 hours and keep in mind to always keep a 50 trophy difference between min and max trophy)

    Example: Let's say you start at 1850-1900, 4 hours later i'd change to 1800-1850, than 4 hours later 1900-1950, etc.

    Best to farm DE: Gold 1/Crystal 3 between 1800-2100

    Best to farm Gold & Elix: Gold 2 to gold 1 between 1600-1800(That's where i've been at for the most part when I was farming lava walls)

    Why not using smart attack ? Well I had bad results with the smart attack setting ON....I barely made 1/3 what I was doing when it was off.


    While boosting during daytime in 4 hours i've pulled a total of: 10mil gold / 15mil elix / 10K DE

    That's 2.5mil gold / 3.75mil elix / 2.5k DE / PER HOUR !

    Average results with BOOST DISABLED : 600K gold / 600K elix / 1.5K DE / PER HOUR !

    Average results with BOOST ENABLED : 1.5mil gold / 1.5mil elix / 3K DE / PER HOUR !

    Please note: The deployment speed set to 10 / 10 is simply to be safer and more human like since it's WAY slower; You could set it to 1 / 1 and it'd be fine too.

    Overall settings:


    Loot Screenshot:


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