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MAC address Unstable MAC?.. Read this..

Discussion in 'WiMAX, DSL Modems' started by kimyouwant, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. Yesterday I had an argument with my cousin, it was more like a verbal fight.

    He was complaining about his mac being unstable all of a sudden.. He is a legit subscriber by the way.. he was accusing me that I'm sharing him his mac.. of course I said no, because i really was not.. somehow after our argument I was able to convince him that i have nothing to do with his problem.. and he decided to terminate his legit subscription.

    Today I found out that his legit mac was posted here in Phcorner by l3nn0x

    the point why I'm sharing this is simple.. if you're a hacker/cloner and u had sniped and/or using an unstable mac, chances are you are sharing it with the legit owner.. and do you expect the legit one to give up his connection and let u use it while he is paying and you are not?..

    it will come to a point that irritation will result to termination of subscription and you will both end up "nga-nga"..

    PAG UNSTABLE MAC SYO IBIG SABIHIN MERON KANG NAPEPERWISYO.. KAYA DAPAT TANTANAN MO.. WAG ABUSADO. Just because nahihirapan kyong makakita ng stable mac para sa inyo eh peperwisyuhin nyo na ibang tao. R.E.S.P.E.T.O... yun lang sana..
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  2. Repost na atah toh last month.
    Thanks ulit sa reminder ha..to be honest, usaully pag cdc na mga mac binibigay nalang yan hangang makatay.
    I'm sure meron lang din ng bigay sa kanya (13nox).
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  3. yes reposted by me. i had it posted sa kabila.
  4. (y)(y)
  5. im hoping this time this post will help, i will repost it anywhere if needed just to let all people know the manners. thanks though for taking time to read.
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