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Tutorial Unpark all you cpu cores ( unleash the beast of your laptop/desktop)

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by paxpeace, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. What is Core Parking?

    Core parking basically makes your processors go into a sleep state known as (C6) and is supported by most knew processors. This allows your computer to save power. There is a trade off for disabling parking. If you use a laptop or tablet, you may notice a slight difference in battery life once you disable core parking on your CPUs. If you disable core parking on your CPUs, your computer may have faster benchmarks. (Reported higher frame rates by gamers and power users).

    How can this speed up my computer?
    Imagine that you have four engines and every time you stop and start you also turn some of the engines on and off. With all of your CPUs ‘on’, your engines are always ready to go. Does this work on all processors? No. Has there been reported improvements? Yes.

    How can i Unpark my core?

    Go to Regedit and Find the 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583
    after you find the strings, you'll see like this and change the value to 0
    and click find next, there are 1 clone strings. Change the Value to 0 again.


    Here's my CPU Cores, they are not parked anymore.

    another Option for Laptop

    Go to your Power Options > Processor Power Management

    or you can just download tool for Unparking CPU cores
    Download : Please or Register to view links
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    Thanks boss try ko ito boss
  3. Thanks for sharing :)
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