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.prx ⚡ultra fast 50 vip + 10 new servers⚡ (paid account) new!!! pasok (5-20-17)

Discussion started by xXx-KuyaJ-xXx, May 14, 2017.

  1. xXx-KuyaJ-xXx

    xXx-KuyaJ-xXx Addict Established

    Welcome to xXx-KuyaJ-xXx Thread!

    Hi guys I'm back galing sa lagnat!

    Tikman nyo ang bago kung gawang 50 VIP servers na prx for POSTERN!

    Note: Pag lag na ang si server Change nyu lang ang Rule12 then click Proxy/Tunnel then pili kayo ng server na gagamitin nyo

    50 servers nayan ginawa ko para walang siksikan!!!!

    Ito bago 10 New Servers na .prx
    Please or register to view links.

    LapureJUltimate.prx FEATURES

    ⚡Facebook Lite⚡
    ⚡Google Playstore⚡
    ❌ Online Games ❌

    Follow me For new Updates!

    Not HIT & RUN
    Madapa sana kayo

    Config File: Please or register to view links.

    Shadowsocks Site + Tutorial
    Please or register to view links.

    ⚡ 10 VIP servers⚡
    Please or register to view links.

    Last edited: May 18, 2017
  2. kramyaj1884

    kramyaj1884 Addict Established

    Thanks bro...
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  3. Chance-

    Chance- Forum Veteran Established

    Thanks for sharing, keep it up ts.
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  4. lawret261983

    lawret261983 Addict Established

  5. salamat dito ts, more config to come haha
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  6. Ssnowden

    Ssnowden Addict Established

    Thanks, keep on sharing
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  7. eye72128

    eye72128 Journeyman Established

    Salamat Boss
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  8. ~ Salamat Sa Pagbahagi ~

    Join Date April 9,2016

    +List Respected PHC+
    Ms Extraordinary
    La Freak
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  9. Hello thread starter,

    Your .prx configuration does work, but it is slow. High ping, slow download and upload speed. Not very good for a configuration. It was retested along with the other servers but no improvement has been seen.


    Final Rating:
    1.5/3 - useful for emergencies. Not good for heavy surfing. But thanks for the contribution +1 for effort for the 1.5.
  10. lurker18

    lurker18 Addict Established

  11. xXx-KuyaJ-xXx

    xXx-KuyaJ-xXx Addict Established

    Hi Leecher
    So stop using my config if that is what you are talking that my config is slow.

    Its up to you!!!
  12. Thanks takbo na ako
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  13. Thanks po xXxKuyaJxXx..God Bless
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  14. Thanks po xXxKuyaJxXx..God Bless
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  15. Thanks po xXxKuyaJxXx..God Bless
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  16. xXx-KuyaJ-xXx

    xXx-KuyaJ-xXx Addict Established

    Maybe you live in jungle or a quite place tht may cause the cignal to slow and cant run fast as what you've said earlier.
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  17. Upgrayded

    Upgrayded Addict Established

    Paano po mag server change? bago lang po ako sa postern eh. Thanks

    Ano po APN gamit niyo?
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  18. xXx-KuyaJ-xXx

    xXx-KuyaJ-xXx Addict Established

    Default lang
    Nasa Note: ang pag change ng server
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