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Types Of Men That Women Don't Want To Date

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by Yours, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. 12 Types Of Men That Women Don't Want To Date

    There is no prince charming, so you shouldn't be looking for one. You can find love that is real and honest and comfortable, but there are many guys you meet on the way to finding "just right". They are not always easy to spot, but this list will help categorize them so when you're out there "fishing", you know who to throw back and who to keep!

    1. Mr. Too Insecure To Be Honest

    Before you can be with someone else, you have to be with yourself and get to know that person. These guys have never done that so they'd rather lie... about everything. They'll lie about things you can easily verify, things that don't MATTER. AT ALL. These people fabricate the details of their lives because they'd rather give you a stellar lie than a perfectly acceptable truth. What will he fabricate when it really matters? Better not wait to find out.

    Who's too fake to be himself?

    2. Mr. Self-Righteous

    You got yourself an oracle, aren't you lucky! It's all fun and games 'til he starts spewing garbage. You can't even argue with him. He's in a vacuum of himself... and he sucks.

    3. Mr. Cheapski

    Here's a guy who loves the label "gold digger." He is not to be confused with "thrifty" (though he loves misappropriating that label too). He's retentive and selfish. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

    4. Mr. Arrogant With A Capital "A"

    There are other words that could describe this person that also begin with the letter "A." Can you guess one?
    5. Mr. Indiscriminate Flirt

    When he's macking on your friends (any of your friends), he's a sack of nothing. He's also newly single!

    6. Mr. Clueless Misogynist

    This guy is all too common, even in the second decade of the millennium. He's holding fast to the gender roles of the 1940s and not letting go, which is why you'll do all the letting go for him. Like, BYE!

    7. Mr. RiRi-Style Rude Boy

    Cussing is not the kind of rudeness we're talking about here. This is the guy who tells all his friends about that thing you did last night. If he's not bragging about the casserole you baked, he's got another thing coming... or rather, going.
    8. Mr. Argue Much?

    Besties with Mr. Self-Righteous, this guy is exceptional at making a point. So exceptional, you needn't attempt to rebut. Meh, while you're at it, drop him altogether. Drop n' bounce.

    9. Mr. Predictaboring

    When nothing is interesting, inspiring or deep about a person, time drags on. Dates start to feel like chores (as do other things). Let's not and say we did, shall we?

    10. Mr. Controlling Iron Fist

    Here's another manifestation of Mr. Too Insecure. This one, however, shows his insecurity by attempting to make you insecure to match. He'll try manipulation in all of its forms and can be pretty sticky when you're trying to get away from him. No thanks.
    11. Mr. Job? What?

    Another gem. This guy doesn't give a damn about himself or, probably, everything else. He also likes to accuse women of being "gold diggers" when the topic of voluntary unemployment comes up. It's not about what he's not buying for the women in his life, but rather the fact that he hasn't paid taxes in a decade and you can't take him to a work party where people will ask "so what do you do?" NEXT!

    12. Mr. Can't Even Ask For A Pencil

    This guy leaves you to make the first move. Regardless of the fact that social norms make asking inherently easier for men than women, these guys let you come to them. Even when not asking is causing them to spill drinks, turn red, fumble over words, ask stupid questions and other such social distresses, they wait and hope that you'll do all the work. Keep walkin', boy.

    relationship rules.
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