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Smart & TalknText ★Tweakware 2.0 - no cap (update 04/25/2016)

Discussion in 'Android Internet Tricks' started by henji, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. updates on post #34.

    Tweakware 2.0
    Modified by Irwin
    ☆ no need to uninstall previous vpn's
    ☆ v400 handler by dzebb
    ☆ ui fix
    ☆ includes 2 free sms servers via ma9txt.org and afreesms.com
    ☆ fixed ma9txt.org error issues
    ☆ changed package name (madami daw kasi leechers na hindi marunung mag clone. sadlayp.
    ☆ injected setting for smart/tnt and sun.
    ☆ idownload nyu na lang kasi, at iexplore ang app.
    ☆ change nyu yung proxy server to m.smart.com.ph

    for Globe/TM users use MGC trick, kayu na bahala.

    ★ Download link
    Please or Register to view links
    uncheck 'download using secured manager'

    credits to dzebb
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 25, 2016
  2. Salamat boss Henj! malakas ba? :sneaky:
  3. Nice ayus lang naman
  4. YAKSU

    YAKSU Addict Established

    pa try po sir.
  5. ArchAngel0031

    ArchAngel0031 Addict Established

  6. R1SING

    R1SING Addict Established

    kailangan paba ng load???
  7. Thanks for sharing idol :blackalien:
  8. japan server mabilis.. ni try ko lang iyang UK nasa screen shot.


    zero load, non reg to any promo.
  9. salamat bro try ko pag nahanap ko smart sim ko :D
  10. sure.. we'll be needing your feedback kung napagana nyu or hinde.. (y)

    welcome.. feedback lang..(y)

    you're welcome.

    you're welcome idol.(y)
  11. Nag capped po sa akin. Salamat na lang po. :)
  12. larzulrich116

    larzulrich116 Addict Established

  13. change server agads.
  14. ste4alth_11

    ste4alth_11 Journeyman Established

    Try ko sana gumana sa sun xD
  15. lahat ng ginagamit ko na eexpose na :(
  16. gmBLiTz

    gmBLiTz Eternal Poster Established

    Thanks for sharing idol.. (y)
  17. sa lahat ng na try ko ito lang ang gumana, thanks TS
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