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Tutorial Tv plus tricks/hacks

Discussion in 'Free Internet Tricks' started by Ryomma14, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. To set-up get your remote go to
    Menu then on your t.v Settings>Installation>Manual Settings>Nit Search>On
    Then type the frequencies below.

    Frequency: 641.143MHz
    PTV SD1
    PTV SD2

    Frequency: 551.143MHz
    GMA SD
    GMA News SD

    Frequency: 695.143MHz
    TV5 SD2
    TV5 SD

    Frequency: 521.143MHz
    Jack City
    2nd Avenue

    Frequency: 581.143MHz
    BEAM SD 1
    BEAM SD 2
    BEAM SD 3

    Frequency: 617.143MHz

    Frequency: 653.143MHz

    Frequency: 557.143MHz or 629.143MHz

    Frequency: 683.143MHz
    NET 25 TV

    Frequency: 503.143MHZ
  2. joewin

    joewin Enthusiast Established

    Thanks ts
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  3. kahit ba walang load pwede?
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  4. tnx sa share
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  5. more :) hehe, may nakatry na mga kaph?
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  6. genelle

    genelle Honorary Poster Established

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  7. shockz28

    shockz28 Addict Established

    remote lng ba kahit wla yung box??

    remote lng ba kahit wla yung box??
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  8. dapat my tv plus ka ..
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  9. shockz28

    shockz28 Addict Established

    ah... wala eh.. t.v minus pa.. hehehe thankz poh...

    try ko sa lola ko
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  10. thanks working
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  11. Kahit hindi tv plus,.pede ba ung RCA ng tv?
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  12. Direct entry lang naman ng frequency ng mga cahannelsdipende pa rin sa location at antenna gamit mo para mareceive ang mga yan...
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  13. carloboom

    carloboom Addict Established

    Wow.sana may tv plus din ako.:)
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  14. Pano mag lagay ng period (.) Using remote?
  15. xnu17

    xnu17 Addict Established

    working po ba? ok lang po babtoh gawin? hindi ba maaalert system nila? . . . natatakot ako gawin nakaregister pa naman yung device id sa pangalan.hehe
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  16. jonrvine

    jonrvine Addict Established

    ayos to boss
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  17. Alam mo naman na siguro sagot jan sir.

    Try mo sir. Alm ko bsta may lagayan ng frequencies pwede yan.

  18. Zuma3

    Zuma3 Honorary Poster Established

    Noted tnx anyway
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  19. No
    need to use (.) Dretso mo lng kung wlang dot ang remote mo.:athumbsup:

    No need to be alerte sir, kinukuha mu lang naman ang mga channels na nsa free tv na hndi makuha ng traditional reception nila.
  20. ayos boss...
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