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Tutorial Tutorial Making Widget Skins Transparent(For All Android Phones)

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by mhark, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. TUT]Making Widget Skins Transparent (For All Android Phones)

    "How To Make Widget Skins Transparent" by Ilangoadigal.

    TOOLS needed: 7zip (or Winrar) and MODDING APPS APK MANAGER HERE

    1. Transfer the apk from your phone to your computer. It's probably in a place like data/app or data/data or the like
    2. Open the apk with 7zip (or Winrar). Do not extract the whole thing, just open it. Inside you'll see a folder called "res"; transfer that somewhere on your computer.
    3. Inside the res folder you'll see a bunch of folders. The images you want to edit are usually in a folder labeled "drawable", but you may have to look elsewhere
    4. Find the background image you want to edit. It might be labeled widget_bg or something helpful like that.
    5. Edit it how you want. In the case of transparency, you want to delete the background and make it entirely transparent. Save it in the same format and do not change the name. (Note- if your file has .9.png in it, you're dealing with something else. I can't really help you on this)
    6. Drag the res folder with your modified images back into the archive, using 7zip. You might want to use a duplicate of the apk, just to have the original on hand in case something goes wrong.
    8. Place the modified apk into the place-apk-here-for-modding folder in the APK Manager folder
    9. Open up script.bat. Select your project using option 22.
    10. Do the following things- Extract APK (1), Zip APK (3), zip as regular apk (2), sign apk (4)

    At this point you should have a signed version of the apk in the place-apk-here-for-modding folder. You can transfer it to your phone now and install it. Or install it directly onto your phone through apk manager if you have ADB enabled.
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