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Tutorial [tut] how to create your own website for free

Discussion in 'Web & Internet' started by sakagashi, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. Okay this are the minimum requirements:

    A Computer
    Internet Connection
    Web Browser
    Mail Account(Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc..)
    25 website visitors
    A chair
    And a TONS of Boring time with computer

    1st. Get a FREE DOMAIN NAME
    Go on


    Then register for an account.
    After you register check your mail inbox or spam for confirmation code
    Then after you click the confirmation link click "My Domain" and click "Register new Domain".
    Just put the desired domain name on the search bar(if it already exist click the grayish button on the side and a list of extension will came out [phcorner.net, .ga, .ml, etc...] just choose the free extension)
    Then a list of your desire name just choose one and open the category bar(the box with "3 months- Free") and choose "12 months- Free" then register the domain.

    2nd: Find the Best Free Web Hosting
    I Recommend- Please or Register to view links.2freehosting.com
    It includes:
    -20gb Disk Space
    -150gb Bandwith
    -MySQL Database
    -Auto Installers(Wordpress, Joomla, phpBB, myBB, etc.)
    -5 free subdomains

    Register too on that site
    After you register check your mailbox again for confirmation url
    After you activate it will redirect on your cPanel
    Then click "Create"
    Then tic the "Domain"
    Fill the boxes like this:
    Domain: yourwebsitename.yourextenstion
    Password: your desire password(dont generate the password)
    Confirm Password: just put your password again
    CAPTCHA: copy the alpha numeric on the photo

    Then click register.
    Wait for it.

    After that you will go back on cPanel click the word "Switch".

    3rd.A: Connect your Website and The Web Host
    After you click "Switch" you will be redirect on your host.
    As you can see there is an error(the big blue box) that say your website is not connected on the host.
    Click the Details(the one with a man icon).
    You need the last part of the box for "Nameserver" there is a 4 sets of number dot(.) separated(example "") copy that.

    B: Setting the website and the host
    Click the "My Domain"
    Then click "Manage my domains"
    You will see your domain there and find "Manage Domain"
    As you can see there are 4 tabs above your website info just click the 4th bar
    Then you will see a table
    On the 1st Table there is a 1st empty box, a category box, a box with number and the 2nd empty box
    Click the second box and paste the thing you copy last time
    Make another one and now on the first box put "www" (without ") then the 2nd empty box paste it again

    Then save all changes!!!

    Wait for less than 1~24 hours until the blue error box on cPanel vanish.

    Note: If the error are still there do this
    On your cPanel there are 4 nameservers get the 2 pairs
    On freenom go on "Manage my Website" then click "Manage Website"
    Click the 3rd tab then choose the "Glue thingy.."
    Put the Nameserver on the first box(example "nameserver1.your host")
    Then copy the 4 set numbers on the same row (example "") Then Save.
    Repeat process.

    (If there is still an error on the cPanel try to check the step 3.)

    4th: Installing Applications
    This tutorial are for the newbie so we will use WORDPRESS.

    Choose Wordpress.
    Just leave the first box empty
    Put your desire Username on the Second box
    Put your desire Password on the 3rd box.
    Click Install Wordpress [version number].

    Wait to Install it.

    Then Click "MANAGE"

    You Have your own website For FREE!!!!!!!!!

    Extra Instruction

    Updating Wordpress
    After Installing Wordpress click the word "Manage".
    Then you will be redirect on: yourwebsitename.extensionname/wp-login.php
    Enter your Username and Password you use to install it.
    After that you will see the Admin Panel
    We will update it first.
    You will see a yellow box on the upper side of the screen. click "Update Now".
    You will see a two choices. Choose "Download Wordpress 4.0"
    A zip file will be downloaded. After you download it extract it in an empty folder.

    Open a new tab and go to Please or Register to view links
    Search: Filezilla Portable
    Click the first one.
    Then click "Download"
    [You will need your Facebook on other tab!!]
    Click Download Button below the number "20"
    Click the blue button[The Facebook Button]
    Allow all on Facebook
    Then it will start to countdown then it will automatically download.
    After Downloading it Open the zip and Open the Filezilla.exe

    5th.B: Updating Wordpress
    After you open the Filezilla you will see an authentication bar above(host, username, password and port)
    On your cPanel open "FTP Access" copy the needed information
    Example what to put on Filezilla login:
    Host: [your website without "www."]
    Username: [the "FTP Username" on the FTP Access]
    Password: [your Account password on hosting account]
    Port: [the "FTP Port" on FTP Access]

    Then click "Quickconnect"
    You will see now the Files on your website[Right box]
    Delete wp-admin and wp-content.[Right Box]
    Then on the left box find the extracted Files of "Wordpress"[Left box]
    If you see it use the key board shortcut "Ctrl+A" then right click and select "Upload".[Left box]

    Note: Don't worry everything will be automatic just overwrite everything.

    After that open again your website login
    Please or Register to view links

    You will see Update then HOORAY!!! Your Wordpress now is the latest version

    Discover the wordpress by your own ok? ^_^

    -End of Tutorial-
  2. salamat sa tutorial (y) laking tulong to hehe
  3. Mister M

    Mister M PHC Master Established

    galing naman thanks dito parang gusto kong bumalik sa pagiging programmer hahaha
  4. Isip ng Next Tutorial >.>
  5. Mister M

    Mister M PHC Master Established

  6. nice full info
  7. Mister M

    Mister M PHC Master Established

  8. tnx sa tut keep sharing
  9. tryng right now..thanks dito
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