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Trivia Trying to fit in this fast paced world

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by LadyHunterX220538, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. Excerpt: Read article about life. Make sure to make yourself happy before trying to cater to everyone's needs. Take charge of your life, live each day at your own pace.
    Trying to fit in this fast paced world

    Trying to fit in this fast paced world

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    The minute you enter this world you are cradled in the arms of a fellow human being, someone you do not recognize yet this stranger seems to hold you with the uttermost care, trying to placate you with their soothing words and in no time you give in and your cries are replaced by a quiet slumber.

    Days pass by and faces become familiar, your sense of touch, smell, hearing is heightened in the following months and as the years go on your curiosity knows no limits.you try to ape the people around you, the movement of their lips that the other person seems to understand but is absurd to you. Nobody really understands what you are trying to say but your lips are definitely moving. A bottle of milk is placed before you and your thought process is instantly disturbed. Its hard to hold the bottle it keeps slipping from your grasp but the Ad∩lt seems to have no difficulty doing the same.

    You wonder how but quickly notice a 6 legged thing moving towards you not knowing what it is you place your hand on it ,to your surprise its not moving anymore. The Ad∩lt does not look happy with this action of yours.You are new to this foreign land , nothing makes sense to you, you may cry at times when you get restless and fail to convey your emotions to others around. But do you give up? No.Why? Because you don’t know what giving up is,unaware of failure and the uncertainties of life you take each day as an adventurous journey. Your childlike innocence and simplicity has not yet experienced the harshness of the world around. At every step you are protected, pampered and guided with hawk like eyes watching over you might you fall.

    As you grow older you realize that no one is going to be watching over you at all times. The realities of life may shake you. People may expect you to be responsible and perfect. You may falter , you may cry. There may be times when you lose your sense of direction. You will be forced to make decisions that will have an impact on the rest of your life. There will be sacrifices to make,choices to choose from, matters of the heart to be dealt with. You will miss being a child ,miss the cuddles that you got when you cried, miss the warm hugs that made you feel like everything would be alright, miss the very basic fact of not having to worry about whether you are right or wrong, the carefree blissfull life seems like a distant dream.

    But do we have to live our lives under so much pressure? Not necessarily. As a child we live every moment in the present not worrying about what the future holds nor holding grudges against our past. As adults we must try doing the same, Mindfulness is the key. Why worry about things that are not in our control? Why worry about a future that has not yet been created? It is you who creates your future.

    Do not give the key to your happiness to someone else. The world is full of opinions and advice ,use what best suits you. Make sure to make yourself happy before trying to cater to everyone’s needs. Take charge of your life, live each day at your own pace.Things will work out for the better! If you are stuck ask for help you will get it ,there is always someone wiser and smarter than you. Don’t give up!
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  2. Thanks for this miss ts! :happy:
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