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Try this! Online job in an instant and easy

Discussion in 'Jobs & Employment' started by jingler49, May 5, 2014.

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  1. jingler49 submitted a new classified:

    Please or Register to view links - your jobpay

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    Last edited: May 5, 2014
  2. Fake po yan sir.. :D dami na nauto nyan..
  3. Subukan niyo ito.. Just click the link below.
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  4. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Please or Register to view links
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  5. Mga Tol! Eto na ang pinaka the best so far na pwedeng pagkakitaan na stable sa internet! Sa umpisa medyo mabagal pero as time goes by mapapansin nyo worth it narin ang pagtitiyaga natin.!gaya ko nagsisimula palang din ako!strive hard lang ang sulit din! Kahit mobile gamit puwedeng puwede basta may internet!Libre po ito at Legit Paying

    PaidVerts is the only site which pays up to $10 per click. It's a real one and this is not like the other buxhost sites which 'assure' you of paying hundreds of dollars. But to earn from this site you need to understand the site's earning procedure well and act on it accordingly. That's why I have made this helpful guide for you. I have mentioned the earnings procedure in a step-by-step manner so that anyone can easily follow.

    STEP 1 :
    Register muna kayo
    Please or Register to view links

    STEP 2:

    Click nyo po yung ACTIVATION ADS para maactivate ang account niyo.

    Now the activation ad page will open and you will see 3 text boxes with some texts above each of them. You need to type exactly the texts in the text boxes or you can COPY and PASTE them into the text boxes. The third text box is a captcha box. Type the text/s, then click on "Check captcha".

    Once this process is complete you will be given a link to open the ad at the bottom of the text boxes labeled as "Proceed To The Advertiser's Website" and you need to click on the link. Now you will get a pop up window (or new tab) and you need to stay on that site for 30 seconds and confirm your visit by clicking the "Confirm" button when the 30-second timer ends.

    By doing so, your account will be activated for 7 days and in addition to that you will be given 50 BAP (Bonus Ad Points). Each BAP is worth $0.0005 in paid ads value. Hence, on clicking one activation ad, you are eligible to receive $0.025 ($0.0005 x 50 BAP)


    STEP 3:

    Likewise, you need to click 7 more activation ads every 18 hours. Each activation ad is worth 50 BAP. Here the ads will be delivered to you within a time period of 18 hours, not 24 hours unlike in other PTC sites. Hence, you are able to get 400 BAP for an 18-hour period and you are eligible to receive the paid ads for the value of $0.20 every 18 hours ($0.0005 x 400 BAP = $0.20).

    STEP 4:

    On your very first day, you WILL NOT be given any paid ads immediately after clicking the 8 activation ads. The paid ads will arrive 18 hours after you click the activation ads. So I advice you to check every 12 hours or so. But don't worry, the ads will come.

    STEP 5:

    If you check the PAID ADS section after 18 hours, you will see that you have a lot of paid ads. This will continue to increase depending on your available BAP. For example, if you have 400 BAP, you will be receiving paid ads for a total of $0.20 for the 18-hour period. The ad value will vary from $0.005 - $1 depending upon the BAP available in your account.

    Once the paid ads are delivered to your account, your BAP will be reduced whether you clicked the paid ads or not. If you fail to click the paid ads within 18 hours, these ads will be recycled to other users. So you are supposed to visit the site at least once in 18 hours and check the PAID ADS.

    Let's differentiate two things:

    ACTIVATION ADS - ads that you click to extend your account by 7 days. Each activation ad is worth 50 BAP. You can click 8 activation ads every 18 hours.

    PAID ADS - ads that come to your account AFTER you click the activation ads. Each ad has a different value ranging from $0.0005 - $1 depending on your BAP. The higher your BAP, the higher the value of the ads. You need to view these ads ONE AT A TIME so you will be credited with the value of the ad. You need to click them within 18 hours.

    STEP 6:

    Click the ACTIVATION ADS again for the next 18 hours and get another 400 BAP, then click the PAID ADS. Repeat the procedure to earn. Once you have $0.05 and 2500 BAP, purchase the Recycler Pro Upgrade from your My Account page. What it does is deliver to you the ads that other users failed to click, thus were 'recycled'. That will deliver $1 worth of ads to your account very quickly - usually within 24-72hours. After you reach $1 in recycled ads earnings, the Recycler Pro Upgrade will automatically expire, but you can again just purchase another one to continue receiving recycled ads. This will greatly help you to accumulate continuous $1, which you can then use to buy adpacks to gain more BAP and more high value ads.

    Then ulitin lang po ang mga process na yan everyday.Then pag nakaipon na kayo ng 1$ sa balance nyo

    Simulan nyo na mag accumulate ng more BAP by buying an ad pack worth atleast 1$. (REMEMBER THE HIGHER YOUR BAP IS THE HIGHER THE VALUE OF PAID ADS WILL BE AVAILABLE)

    Sa bawat ad pack na nagkakahalaga ng 1$ eto ang matatanggal nyo paki analyze lang:

    1. 50 ad visits for 30 seconds to one of your site.

    2. 100 banner impressions for 125 x 125 sized banner.

    3. 50 banner impressions for 728 x 90 sized banner.

    4. 3100 BAP (which will give you $1.55 worth of paid ads to your account [3100 BAP x $0.0005 = $1.55]).

    By purchasing an ad pack for $1, you will be able to earn $1.55 when the ads start to arrive in your account. Hence the profit is $0.55. The website will be the one to advertise for you, and there are no other fees, just the ad pack that you are going to buy. Hence, earning by clicking on paid ads and reinvesting what you've earned will be very helpful to you. In the beginning, you may find that you are earning somewhat slowly. Once you start compounding, however, you will be able to earn more quickly. No need to invest from any payment processor. The only thing you need is to be an active clicker. Be ready to click tons of ads that are delivered to you and earn from them.

    Create narin po kayo ng premium paypal account nyo..
    So try nyo na! Madali lang naman matutunan. At hindi makunsumo sa oras..Basta everyday lang po mag view ng ads.
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  6. malds24

    malds24 Journeyman Established

    Nauto din ako ng yourjobpay na yan! nakakainis! Pero may nahanap po akong legit job. Homebased online job po, basta marunong ka sa MS Excel at internet searching, tsaka syempre dapat masipag ka din. Yun kasi ang natutunan ko sa mga jobs na nakita ko e. Yung iba, ang laki ng offer na payment pero ang konti ng pinapagawa kaya talagang nakakapagtaka. Try niyo po ang UNEMPLOYEDPINOYS.

    Dito, hindi ka kikita kung di ka magtatrabaho, which is really happening in the real world. Hawak mo ang oras mo dito and bibigyan ka nila ng enough time para magawa mo yung ipapa-search nila or ipapa-encode. Yan ang talagang job! Join po kayo sa amin and be a FREEMAN. Bossing mo ang sarili mo at kikita ka talaga.

    For more details, kindly visit Please or Register to view links
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