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Tutorial Tricks to Resume Failed D O W N L O A D S in IDM + FAQ's

Discussion in 'Free Internet Tricks' started by yus15, Jan 9, 2014.

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  1. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Read it carefully :)
    IDM Frequently Asked Questions (On attachment)

    Nowadays IDM is the most widely used down-load manager because of its capability to down-load files at a faster rate than compared to that of any browser or any other down-load manager. Not only down-load at a faster rate IDM can also resume links at a later time which is the most important feature of the IDM. But sometimes an error occurs when we try to resume the down-load. We get frustrated when the file has already been down-loaded more than 50% and the message appears “Do you want to down-load the file from the beginning”.

    It happened due to the several facts & problems:

    1. When server stopped responding

    2. Your Internet connection has problems

    3. You manually pause it

    4. Stopped it to down-load it later some times while you know it has the capability of resuming.

    5. IDM failed, when it send the request to down-load it where it has stopped.

    Response of the IDM was “Do you want to down-load it from the beginning “. Definitely you don’t want to down-load it from the beginning while you have down-loaded 1 GB or more. There are the tips and tricks to down-load the file from where IDM has stopped or you had paused it. Some of the ways are given below to resume the down-loads.

    Trick No. 1

    1. First open IDM and there right click the file you want to down-load.

    2. Click on resume the down-load. Some thing like below appears thereafter.

    3. Now right click on the down-load you want to resume and select Properties.

    4. Then copy the Address and paste it in a web browser. Then right click on the Copy the Link Location and copy the newly generated link.

    5. Then in the Properties of the Down-load in the Internet Down-load Manager. Copy that link to the Address value.

    6. Now go to the Down-load list and select resume down-load.

    7. That’s it. Now you’ll see the down-load will resume.

    Trick No. 2

    1. Open the same file in the browser, click to down-load it again, when dialogue window appear select to “down-load it later”. (Check to ensure that the file must have the same file size and from the same link/server).

    2. Open IDM manager window and Double-click the file you have selected to “down-load later”

    3. Select the full address field and press CTRL + C to copy to the clipboard.

    4. Now, double click the file which has not been resuming and paste the address there which you have copied earlier in the address field press OK.

    5. In the IDM manager window click the file and press resume. 90% of the resuming problems has been resolved by this little tip and trick.

    Trick No. 3

    This trick is for those who get the error ”Probably this site uses temporary links that cannot be requested twice or expire after some time when session is completed.”

    1. Right click on file you want to down-load.

    2. Then IDM will show the following dialog and will try to open a web page where you found initial down-load link. If IDM fails to open correct web page, or recognize a down-load link, open correct web page manually in your browser.

    3. On this page, start down-loading the same link again. IDM will detect that this is the new link that it is waiting for and show the following message.

    4. If IDM fails to recognize a link, it will ask you if this is a new down-load link that it waiting for.

    5. Then you can resume the down-load.

    Trick No. 4

    This is for those who fail after using the above steps. In these cases the file is actually removed from the link you were provided. So you cannot resume file from there. Follow the following steps to resume the file in such cases.

    1. First go to the IDM and right click on the file you want to resume. After that click on resume down-load. Something like below image will appear.

    2. Wait for some time until it says that it will open a web page. Click on OK.

    3. Here comes the main part of the trick. IDM will open a web page where no file would be found. Then search the same file on other sites and get a new link for the same file. Remember that the file size should be same. Name and Address of the file may be different.

    4. After that click on the new link to down-load the same file from different address. Then IDM will ask you if this the new address for your expired down-load. Click on Yes.

    5. Sometime IDM will ask you about the file name which may be different on the different server. Click on Yes to save the file with the new name received from the other link or server.

    6. It may also ask from you about the duplicate link. Click on third option “to resume the file”.

    7. Now the file should resume from the point you left.

    Trick No. 5

    This trick is for those people who get the resume capability as NO very often while downloading specially from online sites like Y*uTube, Daily Motion etc.
    1. First start the down-load. If resume capability is Yes then it is wonderful. If it is no let us convert it into Yes.

    2. For that first stop that down-load and go to IDM.

    3. Then open the options tab in the IDM panel.

    4. Click on CONNECTION. Then select max number of connections. It should be set to 8 or 16. Change its value to 1. Press OK.

    5. Then restart the down-load again and now you must get its resume capability as YES. One more fact that your speed will not become very less as compared to original down-load speed.

    6. After down-loading the specific file again go to the same settings and change the max no of connections to 8 or 16.

    Trick No. 6 by xSilent

    - ADAPTED -

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    Last edited: Apr 21, 2014
  2. bossing suggest lang, save mo yung picture then upload mo sa ibang image hosting like Please or Register to view links para po di ma filter


    D o w n l o a d -> download
    H a c k -> hack

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  3. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Sige po :)
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2014
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  4. Dagdag ko lang dito, base to sa experience ko :D

    May nakaka experience na ba na pag umabot na sa 99.99% yung download mo eh nag CONNECTION TIMEOUT?

    Kung meron na, eto yung trick ko...

    This will work only for CAN BE RESUMED downloads (ex. anime strêâmïng sites, etc)

    1st - Sa download mo (kahit anong size), dapat ma estimate mo kung kelan ito matatapos
    2nd - Kung di mo ma estimate, dapat updated ka kung ilang percent (%) na yung download mo
    3rd - Kapag nasa 90% - 99% na (mas maganda kung malapit nang mag 100%) , STOP mo na yung download mo
    4th - Click RESUME download at madadownload mo na yung file

    Information about this:
    - Nag ooccure ang ganitong error kapag MAHINA yung download speed mo
    - Minsan, nag ooccure din to kapag MULTIPLE files yung dinadownload mo at nahahati yung download speed. Kapag nahati yung download speed, babagal na ang speed ng bawat isa. Kapag bumagal yung speed, matagal madownload. Kapag matagal ma download, magkaka CONNECTION TIMEOUT yung dinadownload mo :)

    Pag na stop mo yung download mo, at i-reresume, mag rerefresh yung download mo at hindi ka na mag coconnection timeout

    File downloaded (ex. 98%) > Stop > Stored the 98% of the file > Resume > Rebuilding the old files > Refreshing download link > Connecting > Receiving Data > Download Complete :)

    Just a simple trick but effective (y)
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2014
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  5. eyaykz

    eyaykz Eternal Poster Established

    naka experience ako ganito lalo na pag BIG files :banghead:
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  6. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Salamat sa trick na to. UP ko to :)
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  7. na typo ko bro xD dapat pala Refreshing Download LINK xD
  8. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Sige. Edit ko na lang :)
  9. eyaykz

    eyaykz Eternal Poster Established

    ngayun ko lang napansin ah signature kayo sa course nyo hehe, ma lagyan ko nga rin yung akin :D
  10. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Haha. Sige :)
  11. Working yan, Ganyan ginagawa ko. Effective yan
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  12. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Good :)
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  13. Thanks po dito (y) makakatulong ng marami :)
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  14. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Walang anuman po :)
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  15. uy ayos ito.salamat sa share (y)
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  16. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Hehe :)
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  17. thanks for tutorial :D
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  18. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Welcome :)
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  19. hello po. sino may IDM SERIAL NUMBER sa inyo? huhu
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  20. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    pâtch na lang po kayo :)
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