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Top paid android apps pack

Discussion in 'Android Games' started by imbz, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. List of Android Apps
    15C Scientific Calculator v2.22 - android-zone.org.apk
    1Tap Cleaner Pro v2.10 - android-zone.org.apk
    360 Launcher? Pro v5.0.4 - android-zone.org.apk
    3D Design Battery Widget R2 v1.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    3D Flip Clock & World Weather v0.94 - android-zone.org.apk
    A.I.type Emoji Plugin v2.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    A.I.type Keyboard Plus v1.9.9.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    AFWall+ (Donate) - android-zone.org.apk
    AirDroid v2.0 Final - android-zone.org.apk
    Airline Flight Status Tracker v1.3.6 - android-zone.org.apk
    Alex (Siri for Android) Pro v1.31 - android-zone.org.apk
    Allcalc Geometry v1.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    Amway Europe v1.2.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    aNdClip -Clipboard extension- v3.2.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    Android Tuner v0.9.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    AndroXplorer Pro File Manager v4.6.2.9 - android-zone.org.apk
    Animated Weather Widget&Clock v5.5.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    Apps Home v7.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    aTorrent PRO - Torrent App v2.0.3.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    Audio Control v2.1.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    AutoGuard Blackbox Pro v3.4.10 - android-zone.org.apk
    Automatic Task Killer v4.0.2 Mod (Ad-Free) - android-zone.org.apk
    BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS v4.9.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    Bass Booster Pro v2.0.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    Battery Booster (Full) v6.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    Battery Monitor Widget Pro v2.7.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    Battery Saver Du+Switch Widget v2.2.5.pro - android-zone.org.apk
    Battery Stats Plus Pro v2.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    BizLog Pro Trial Version v6.52 Mod - android-zone.org.apk
    Browser Guru v1.7.6 - android-zone.org.apk
    Button Savior (Root) PRO v1.6.6 - android-zone.org.apk
    Calculator & Converter Pro v4.3.5 - android-zone.org.apk
    Call Recorder v1.3.8 - android-zone.org.apk
    Camera JB+ v2.0.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    CameraPro v2.58 - android-zone.org.apk
    CaroO Pro (Blackbox & OBD) v2.0.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    Chrome Beta v27.0.1453.74 - android-zone.org.apk
    City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps v3.6.16 - android-zone.org.apk
    Cleaner & Task Manager PRO v3.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    Clock JB+ v1.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    Color Grab v2.1.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    D-Photo Measures v3.3.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    DicePlayer v2.0.26 - android-zone.org.apk
    Dock Clock Plus (Night Clock) v2.5 - android-zone.org.apk
    Dolphin Browser v9.4.0 Final - android-zone.org.apk
    Dsoid v1.9.14 - android-zone.org.apk
    Easy Installer v1.2.4 Ad-Free - android-zone.org.apk
    edjing PRO DJ mixer turntables v1.1.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    Electrum Drum Machine Sampler v4.7.1.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    ES File Explorer File Manager v3.0.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    Evernote Food v2.0.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    ezPDF Reader Multimedia PDF v2.1.4.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    Facebook Home v2.43 Unlock - android-zone.org.apk
    Fast Pro for Facebook v1.9.9.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Pro 0.9.80 - android-zone.org.apk
    File Expert HD Pro v1.0.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    File Expert Manager Explorer Pro v5.1.8 - android-zone.org.apk
    FL Studio Mobile v1.0.3 pâtched - android-zone.org.rar
    Flade v1.1.5 - android-zone.org.apk
    franco.Kernel updater v9.3.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    Full Screen Caller ID PRO v9.5.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    G Cloud Apps Backup + Key ? root v1.1 - android-zone.org.rar
    Gemini App Manager v2.9.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    Ghost Radar LEGACY v3.5.5 - android-zone.org.apk
    GO Backup Pro Premium v3.41 build 30 - android-zone.org.apk
    GO Launcher EX v3.5.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    GO Power Master - Battery Saver Premium v4.03 - android-zone.org.apk
    GoneMAD Music Player FULL v1.4.11 - android-zone.org.apk
    Google Goggles v1.9.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    GPS Data v1.15 Mod (Ad-Free) - android-zone.org.apk
    GreenPower Premium v9.8.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    GrooVe IP - Free Calls v1.3.7 - android-zone.org.apk
    GTasks To Do List Task List FULL v1.5.5 - android-zone.org.apk
    Handrite Notes Notepad Pro v1.90 - android-zone.org.apk
    HaxSync for Facebook v2.6.5d - android-zone.org.apk
    HDR Camera+ v2.33 - android-zone.org.apk
    Headset Droid v1.27.4 - android-zone.org.apk
    Heavenly Hearts Garden HD v1.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    Helium Premium - App Sync and Backup v1.1.0.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    HF Scientific Calculator Pro v5.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    Hunting Calls v1.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    II Luxurious v1.0.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    inKa File Manager Plus v0.6.9.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    InstaCollage Pro v1.0.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    InstaPlace Pro v1.1.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    InstaWeather PRO v1.1.6 - android-zone.org.apk
    iQuran Pro v2.4.4 - android-zone.org.apk
    Kaiten Mail v2.006 - android-zone.org.apk
    Keep Screen ON PRO v1.6 - android-zone.org.apk
    Keyboard from Android 2.3 v1.0.15.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    LEDBlinker Pro v4.3.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    Lightning Browser + 2.4.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    Lightning Browser Pro v2.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    Lightning Launcher Home v7.7.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    Loader Droid Pro download manager v0.9.4.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    LockerPro Lockscreen v3.4 - android-zone.org.apk
    Locus Map Pro v2.11.0 - android-zone.org.zip
    Lucky pâtcher v3.0.9 - android-zone.org.apk
    Lustre (adw go apex theme) v1.3.6 - android-zone.org.apk
    MailDroid PRO v3.04 - android-zone.org.apk
    MapsWithMe Pro, Offline Maps v2.3.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    Maverick Pro v2.24 - android-zone.org.apk
    Meridian Media Player Pro v2.7.8c - android-zone.org.apk
    Mighty Grocery Shopping List v3.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    MiHome Launcher v2.3.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    Mindroid FULL v1.3.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    Minimalistic Text PRO v3. - android-zone.org.apk
    Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO v3.2.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    Moon+ Reader Pro v1.9.6.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    môviêthek (Unlocked) v2.61 - android-zone.org.apk
    mρ3 InCall Recorder & Voice PRO v1.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    mSecure - Password Manager v3.2.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    My Budget Book v3.9.4 - android-zone.org.apk
    My Data Manager v2.4.5 - android-zone.org.apk
    My Log Home iLWP v1.03 - android-zone.org.apk
    Nandroid Manager ROOT Pro v1.0.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    Nexmusic v2.1.1.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    Next Launcher 3D v1.30 - android-zone.org.apk
    Night Camera+ v2.18 - android-zone.org.apk
    NotifierPro Plus v8.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    Now Playing Music Player v1.16 - android-zone.org.apk
    Now Playing v1.07 - android-zone.org.apk
    OsmAnd+ Maps & Navigation v1.2.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    Out of Milk Shopping List PRO v3.5.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    Paper Camera v3.4.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    PerfectShot Unlimited v1.6.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    PhotoMontager Full v2.61 - android-zone.org.apk
    PicsArt - Photo Studio (NoAds) v3.4.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    Picture Password Lockscreen Plus v2.6.6 - android-zone.org.apk
    PixelPhone Pro v2.8.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    Plus500 v3.9 - android-zone.org.apk
    Poweramp Music Player FULL v2.0.9 build 528 - android-zone.org.zip
    PrinterShare Mobile Print Premium v8.1.7 Proper - android-zone.org.apk
    ProCapture - camera + panorama v1.6.2.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    Pulse News v3.1.4 - android-zone.org.apk
    QQPlayer v2.1.420 - android-zone.org.apk
    RDM+ Remote Desktop v2.1.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    Real Colors Pro v1.2.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    RealVNC VNC Viewer v1.2.5.108866 - android-zone.org.apk
    Robird v1.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    Rocket Music Player Premium v2.0.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    Runtastic Road Bike PRO v1.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    Runtastic Squats PRO v1.4.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    Sakura Vista HD v1.0.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    Samsung Multi Window Manager Pro v1.3.8 - android-zone.org.apk
    Screen maker - nice screenshot v1.5.19 - android-zone.org.apk
    Screen Off and Lock Donate v1.16 - android-zone.org.apk
    Shot Control FULL v3.1.4 - android-zone.org.apk
    SleepStats v1.7.4 - android-zone.org.apk
    Sliding Messaging Pro v5.85 - android-zone.org.apk
    SlingPlayer For Phones v2.4.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    Smart Keyboard Pro v4.7.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    Smart Launcher Pro v1.3.20.c - android-zone.org.apk
    Smart Launcher Pro vJarvis - android-zone.org.apk
    Smart Launcher Pro vJarvis.c - android-zone.org.apk
    Smart Launcher Pro vJarvis.d - android-zone.org.apk
    SMS Spam Blocker - Postman Premium v12.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    SpeedView Pro v3.1.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    ssLauncher the Original v1.11.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    Start menu for Android v1.2.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    SuperGNES (SNES Emulator) v1.3.10 - android-zone.org.apk
    Tersus (adw nova apex theme) v1.3.6 - android-zone.org.apk
    The pirâtê Bay Browser Premium v5.4.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    tinyCam Monitor PRO v4.3.7 - android-zone.org.apk
    Total Commander v2.0.2 Beta2 - android-zone.org.apk
    Trickster MOD Kernel Settings (Donate) v1.19.608 - android-zone.org.apk
    True Water v1.1.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    True Weather, Cities v4.20H - android-zone.org.apk
    TubeMate ÿôutubê Downloader v1.05.48 build 311 Ad-Free - android-zone.org.apk
    Uninstall Master (Unlocked) v3.3.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    USSD Dual Widget Pro v1.0.5 - android-zone.org.apk
    Vignette v2013.04 - android-zone.org.apk
    Virtual Button Bar v2.9.3 - android-zone.org.apk
    Vkontakte Kate Mobile Pro v7.7.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    Volume Ace v3.0.6 - android-zone.org.apk
    Volume Control Plus PRO v2.4.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    WeatherBug Elite v3.0.147 Proper - android-zone.org.apk
    WhatsApp Messenger v2.9.6338 - android-zone.org.apk
    Whistle Android Finder PRO v4.5 - android-zone.org.apk
    Windows 7 Task Bar v1.0 - android-zone.org.apk
    Windows 8 +Launcher v1.5.1 - android-zone.org.apk
    Wizz Widget Pro v2.5.1 (Unlocked) - android-zone.org.apk
    XnRetro Pro v1.22.2 - android-zone.org.apk
    Yatse, the XBMC Remote (Unlocked) v3.2.1 - android-zone.org.zip
    Zenfield File Manager v1.2 google adfree Mod - android-zone.org.apk
    Zooper Widget Pro v2.22 - android-zone.org.apk
    NOTE: Dapat po ay rooted na po ang phone niyo (y)

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  2. Iwas po tayo sms posting sir
    Wala pong virus (y)
  3. imbaustic

    imbaustic Forum Guru Established

    salamat sa share nito boss. keep it up (y).
  4. E-Bing

    E-Bing Enthusiast Established

    Ni boss.. Tnx sa share
  5. Thanks for sharing :)
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