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Top 7 Steps to Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

Discussion in 'Web & Internet' started by Jeanh, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. Want to grow professionally? You can’t ignore the world of social media these days and these platforms are not only for connecting with your friends and acquaintances. You can make the most of them from a professional aspect as well. And when you speak about social media for professional growth, the first platform that comes to mind has to be LinkedIn.

    There might be many Please or Register to view linkss but with Please or Register to view links, LinkedIn surely has a towering presence among them.

    So, if you are planning to boost your professional life, you should definitely focus on using LinkedIn in the best way possible.

    But how can you do that? What are the ways to use LinkedIn so that it enhances your professional growth effectively?

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    Here’s a quick look at some of the steps that you need to embrace.

    #1. Use Keywords
    The Advanced search feature is one of the best additions on LinkedIn. It lets you filter your searches quite deeply. But its inclusion to the platform means that more detailed searches are going to be made. So, making yourself visible in those can become quite difficult.

    So, what’s the best thing that you can do to be found on LinkedIn searches?

    Just include keywords. Do your research on the Google’s Keyword Tool and find the most relevant ones for your business. If you can populate your profile descriptions with relevant keywords in the right intensity, you can even get to see your profile being found on searches on Google.

    #2. Be Your Professional Best
    LinkedIn might be a great networking site, yet it is different from a lot of other social media websites, such as Facebook and the others. They are more personal, while LinkedIn is strictly for your professional front.

    So, stop being too personal on LinkedIn. You need to look more professional and that should be exhibited through both the information and the status updates that you share as well as your profile picture.

    #3. Don’t Miss Your Display Image
    LinkedIn clearly offers a space for you to put up your profile picture, yet, a lot of people seem to miss this point. There are quite a few profiles on LinkedIn which are devoid of the display image. The Please or Register to view links offers you multiple benefits. It provides your profile with:

    • Recognition
    • Credibility
    • Personal appeal
    • Consistency across the web
    • Personal branding
    So, it’s essential that you include a Please or Register to view links. And choose that wisely to maximize its impact. Ensure that the image represents you as a professional who is a part of an industry.

    #4. Use the Status Update Professionally
    Like many of the other social media websites, LinkedIn also has a space for status updates. That’s the ‘Share and Update’ box on your LinkedIn profile.

    Ensure that you make the best use of it.

    Remember, LinkedIn is one of the best places through which you can remain connected with professionals in the same industry as yours. It will enhance your chances of landing a better job. So, plan your updates accordingly.

    You can Please or Register to view links. These might include sharing:

    • your own blog
    • an announcement about your company
    • a write up that you liked
    • some amazing quotes
    • some links to videos or images
    • Twitter requests
    • updates at work
    #5. Update the Profile Regularly
    You have a LinkedIn profile. You have created it almost a year or two back. You have been logging in to it on a regular basis. But you are not experiencing any profit from it.

    Have you made any change to it of late? Remember, just having a LinkedIn profile is not enough. Even if you use it on a regular basis, it won’t help you much. That is, until and unless you keep it updated.

    So, make sure you review your LinkedIn profile regularly. Change the relevant places. For example, if you have changed your job, mention it in the profile.

    Remember, a refreshed LinkedIn profile can even act as a resume and help you land your dream job.

    #6. Be an Active Member of Relevant LinkedIn Groups
    Are you a member of any LinkedIn groups? There are quite a few groups on LinkedIn and you are sure to find some which are related to your profession. So, go ahead and join such a group. You should post relevant items in these groups on a regular basis.

    Why? Because that’s a major step that you can take towards building relationships with the other professionals in those groups. If you are sharing excellent stuff then people will surely connect with you.

    And in some of the groups, you must review the discussions that you are a part of. You can do this on a weekly basis. It will help you get an idea about the ways that you should follow or if you went wrong somewhere.

    #7. Follow Up Professional Meetings with Personalized LinkedIn Requests
    Did you have a professional meeting with a person recently? Have you connected with him on LinkedIn after returning from the meeting?

    This is one of the most important things that you need to do to keep your connections growing. LinkedIn was previously meant to connect people who knew one another, but it has changed significantly. And connecting professionally will mean that you will have more chances of succeeding.

    You can use LinkedIn to impress your potential recruiter. Personalize the LinkedIn invite that you are sending him. Add a small note like “It was great to meet you at the event” or “Your session at the conference was amazing this weekend”. It will surely add more punch to your request.

    LinkedIn can difinitely be one of the best professional platforms that can assure regular growth for you. But for that you need to use it properly. While building connections is important, it is also necessary to remain in touch with them on a regular basis. If you can use LinkedIn in a proper way, it can boost your professional life beyond your imagination.
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