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Top 7 HTML to PDF Tools for 2015

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by Jeanh, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. Html to pdf conversion has always been a task that tends to be rather troubling for managers within all kinds of organizations. Since pdf file format is known for its immaculate functionality and brilliant workability; it becomes necessary to convert html files to pdf format, so that a streamlined management can be administered within a business entity.

    Typically, managers or executives within a business entity use converters to enforce bulk conversion of html documents to pdf format. The online marketplace is currently flooded with these converters that offer different functionality that clouds the decision of customers while picking out a tool from the herd. The following section is an insight on some top html to pdf tools for 2015. You may want to have a look at them, in case you are finding it difficult to pick out the right one that suits your purpose best. Take a look.

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    #1. Expert PDF
    The first entry in the list is Please or Register to view links. This converter is best known for its professional capabilities and is a preferred choice of business managers from all over the world. This converter is capable of undertaking bulk conversions of web pages, html documents, and html files etc. to a pdf format. The turnaround time of this converter is also the quickest of the lot.

    Expert PDF comes equipped with several features that make html to pdf conversion hassle free and quick. It converts html documents to pdf formats either by inputting the URL of the webpage or by a saved html file in the computer system. Expert PDF is an ideal choice when it comes to security features. Digital signature and encryption facility are some of the features of this converter that are aimed towards securing your converted documents.

    2. PDFonFly
    Please or Register to view links is rather suitable for webpage conversions. It takes the URL of the webpage that needs to be converted into pdf format and converts it into the output file without causing you much hassle. This converter comes with an inbuilt capability of drawing a two-line footer at the bottom of the page. This converter is easy to operate and doesn’t involve many complications.

    PDFonFly is an ideal choice for people who want to get instant conversions without bothering about the layout of the output pdf file. This pdf converter is available online and its subscription can be purchased from the provider after paying a reasonable sum.

    #3. PDFCrowd
    For comprehensive HTML conversion services, Please or Register to view links is indeed an ideal choice. This converter takes in URL’s, html files and also direct html format inputs to convert them into pdf files. This converter also offers multiple options while conversion making it a rather feasible option for people who are looking for a converter that undertakes conversion tasks in a rather quick and straightforward manner.

    PDFCrowd offers a seamless functionality while conversion and after the process is complete, the converted file is downloaded into your computer. This converted allows several customizations that allow you to review and edit your file prior to conversion. This converter also prints footer at the bottom of the page, in addition to a logo and an advertisement.

    #4. Total HTML Converter
    Please or Register to view links truly lives up to its name and offers brilliant conversion options to its users. It is capable of converting simply all kinds of html files to pdf formats either by the URL of the webpage or the html file itself. You also have the option of either accomplishing conversion single handedly or in batches to enhance your overall productivity.

    Furthermore, Total Html Converter also provides you with a preview option that opens the final document in a window prior to conversion, so that you are sure of any last minute changes to make in the final cut. This converter is available with a free trial and the users can subscribe with the provider from their website.

    #5. Click to Convert
    Please or Register to view links is another remarkable html to pdf tool that is widely used in corporate world. The major advantage of using this tool is that it can be used to convert from both html to pdf and pdf to html. You can work both ways using this converter.

    This converter also allows the user to merge different pdf documents so that a single file can be created as per the specifications of the user. This is a great feature, especially when the users require creating a single file that should comprise of data from multiple sources. This converter is available for a free trial of 15 days.

    #6. Web2PDF Converter
    Please or Register to view links is an ideal solution for people who are looking for a tool that allows them to instantly convert web pages into pdf format. This converter comes in the form of a button that can be installed in the computer. The button can be used to initiate the conversion process making it easier for the user to convert html files to pdf format.

    Web2PDF Converter comes with a unique feature of converting an html file to a pdf document by simply sending the recipient an email that comprises of a webpage in the pdf format.

    #7. PDF2HTML Online
    PDF2HTML is an online tool that facilitates easy and quick html to pdf conversion. It is capable of preserving all the hyperlinks that are present in the converted pdf file making it rather easier to access webpages. It is also capable of writing html 4 that makes it suitable for basic conversion.

    PDF2HTML online is also capable of extracting images from a separate directory. This tool is indeed an ideal choice for people who are looking for a converter that allows them to quickly undertake html to pdf conversions.

    Above mentioned is the list of top 7 html to pdf tools that will allow you to convert html files into pdf file formats in a quick and swift manner. You can choose any of the above as per your specifications.
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