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Top 6 Best hâckïng Apps For Android – 2016 (Ethical)

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by creedito, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. creedito

    creedito Forum Guru Established

    Android phones are most popular because of the availability of millions of apps in market. As we already listed Please or Register to view links which every phone must have to install. Android devices are famous due to their amazing features at low cost. Android is an open source platform and we can easily access multiple hidden features. Like we can easily change our device design by installing Please or Register to view links. But to do that you need to Please or Register to view links
    Android market having various different purpose apps but few of our geek lovers always wait few tricky apps. Google play store don’t let you list fully hâckïng based apps. But their are some ethical hâckïng apps for android. That means they can only be used for networking and programming tricky purpose with another devices without physically disturbing it. Ethical hâckïng Android Apps also provide security against malicious internet users. With the help of ethical hâckïng apps we can change MAC address, control another device, disconnect net of another device, enter into a secured network etc. If you are fond of these type of working ethical hâckïng android apps. Then hear we are going to listed out some best hâckïng Apps For Android. Which are only for fun purpose.

    1. Kill WIFI
    [​IMG]Kill WIFI is most popular Ethical hâckïng App. It is an open source ethical hâckïng App which is available on Google Play store for free. With the help of this App we can cut the WiFi of other people. This App is similar to net cut app is Windows expect that this work for a WiFi Network. This App provide you simple to use tools and attractive interface. It also kill our WiFi after a specified time to safe our phone battery. Approximately 500000 people install this App.

    2. WiFI Mac Changer
    [​IMG]Wireless Mac Address is another popular Android App which is available on Google play store for free. This App require the rooted Android phone. This App can change your MAC address for temporary so that no one can track your physical device address. This provide two main functions one is simple way change that will no reflect your change address in WiFi settings. Second is Hard way change this will allow you to enter in password protected Apps and reflect your changed address in WiFi settings.

    3. Hackcode
    [​IMG]Hackcode is another popular Android hâckïng App which is Available on Google Play store for free.It is a toolbox for penetration tester, Cyber security professionals and IT administrator to perform various tasks like reconnaissance, scanning etc. This App contain tools like Google hâckïng,Google Dorks, Whois, Ping, Traceroute etc. This App provide easy to use tool and attractive interface. Approximately 300000 to 500000 people install this App.

    4. Shark For Root
    [​IMG]Shark for Root is another Android Ethical hâckïng App which is available on Google play store for free. Approximate 200000 to 400000 user install this App. It is a traffic sniffer, that woks on 3G and WiFi network. To open dump root use this App and to preview dump on phone use Shark Reader App. This App provide easy to use tools and user guidelines for use with Attractive interface. It is a light weight App of 433 KB easy to install and provide you a new experience.

    5. nMapper (Paid)

    [​IMG]mMapper is an Unofficial port of nMap. It is a port and network scanner which works on WiFi or a cell connection. It provide you the pictorial view of network structure and you can use this information for the network analysis. It provide support from Gingerbread to Jellybean version of Android. It provide simple and attractive interface. It is available on Google play store with little cost.Approximately 1000 user install this App.

    6. SSHdroid
    [​IMG]SSHdroid is another popular Android app which is available on Google play-store for free. SSH is short for secure shell. SSHdroid is a SHH server implementation for Android device. This Application allow you to connect to your Android device with a PC and control your device with the PC. Windows user can control their device using FTP protocol. Another feature of this app include Extended notification control, WiFi control, Shared-key authentication, Lock screen widget. Approximately 1000000 user install this App.

    So these are some best hâckïng apps for android which are ethical to use and available in google playstore.
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