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Top 5 Most Devious Computer Pranks

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jeanh, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. 5. Changing The Keyboard Layout
    This will really give you victim a headache – and good for us, doesn’t require anything to be installed on their computer. Simples.


    Head to the Control Panel > Region and Language > Keyboards > Change Keywords now add any layout that you think will do the most damage to their lives.

    Windows 8 users: Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Change Input Method.

    Top Tip: Try the “Dvorak Layout”. Most people are unaware that this layout even exists. You can flip over to the language bar tab and set that as hidden so that they won’t be able to figure it out that easy.

    2. Permanently Busy Mouse Pointer

    That annoying busy circle. Forever. Banish your friends to permanent frustration with this quick and easy method to cause a headache. How long can you get your friends to sit and wait for a computer to finish loading?


    Go to Control Panel > Mouse > Pointers now select the pointer which says busy or browse, select busy and click on Apply.

    Windows 8 users: Control Panel > Hardware and Sound then select Mouse > Pointers.


    3.Activate High Contrast Quickly
    Only got a few seconds to ruin your friends day? That is understandable, we are all busy. Just quickly activate the high contrast mode and see how long it takes for them to figure out how to fix that.

    To activate high contrast mode just press the following combination of keys:

    Shift + Alt + Printscreen
    Done. To undo, just press the same keys again.

    2. Make The Computer Type “SPACE” Every Time The Spacebar Is Pressed
    This one is deliciously evil. When your victim presses the spacebar, their computer will type “SPACE” instead of giving what they actually are looking for. They will surely go mad wondering what on Earth is going on!

    1. Download and install Autohotkey
    2. Open Note and copy past the following code into it:
    3. Now save the file anywhere on their PC. Just make sure that you save it with the file extension .ahk and select encoding as “unicode”.
    4. Navigate to the file you just created, right click and select compile script. You will see an icon in your system tray. You will see a new file with a green icon, double click on this. This is your script successfully working!
    5. Final step is to sit back and enjoy your handy work.
    How to Undo

    To stop the script running, right click on the system tray icon and click on exit.

    1. Create A Shutdown Shortcut With Warning
    Now for the final prank! This one will certainly create a headache for your selected friend/victim. Do not blame us here at Funzim for any friendships this may breakdown! You have been warned! If you are sure, continue reading…

    In this prank we will create a shutdown shortcut on the desktop and change it’s icon. When your victim double clicks on this to find out what it contains, their PC will shut down with a warning like “Virus Found” or “Windows Corrupted”.


    Just right click on the desktop > New > Shortcut, paste the code below and click on next.

    shutdown -s -t 1925000 -c “System error: Virus Found”
    Give the shortcut a name and change the icon.

    “Virus Found” can be replaced with anything evil that you deem necessary.

    Have fun trying out this devious tricks to confuse your friends and colleagues! If you have any others that we can try in the future, leave a message in the comment box below.

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