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Top 13 Domain Name Registration Tools for 2015

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by Jeanh, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Choosing the right domain name that suits your business type and is short and memorable is indeed one of the most challenging tasks in the process of establishing an online identity of your website. The process of domain name registration not only entails finding a suitable name but also ensuring its availability.

    There are several tools available in the online marketplace that allow you to successful choose and register an appropriate domain name for your website. These tools are a great help in ensuring you make the right selection in the domain name and your registration process is undertaken correctly.

    Here is a list of the top 13 domain name registration tools that are all widely popular. You can pick one that suites your domain name registration prerequisites so have a look.

    Please or Register to view links

    #1. Big Rock
    Please or Register to view links is among the leading providers of domain name registration tools that are simplistic and user-convenient. This tool has a huge database of words that allows you to find the desired name for your domain easily. It also gives out quick suggestions and instant name results that makes it one of the best domain registration tools currently available in the market.

    #2. Domainr
    Please or Register to view links is ideal for people who want to discover new options in names for domains. This tool carries an extensive assortment of several unique and distinctive names for domains. The best part of this domain tool is that it searches everything anonymously and returns you some of the most unique domain names that will make it easier for you to register them.

    #3. Lean Domain Search
    If you need names for your domain with perky and unique prefixes and suffixes, Please or Register to view linkscould be your ideal choice. In addition to finding a unique name, it undertakes a search procedure aimed towards checking whether a domain with the same name is available in the market. This helps you to narrow down your options and prevents the possibility of a domain name infringement.

    Another feature that sets this tool apart from others is the save as favorite option that is quite handy in monitoring the availability of a particular name.

    #4. BustAName
    Creativity comes at its best with Please or Register to view links. This domain tool comes with a feature word combiner that allows you to switch different words for an appropriate match. This enhances your chances of finding the desired name rather substantially. In addition to this, this BustAName also allows you to save and review a domain name which is another great feature of this tool.

    #5. Impossibility
    Please or Register to view links is a domain tool that takes cues from the inputted keyword and presents you with some unique options by combining different set of words with the keyword. The function of this tool is very unique that makes it quite different from other tools. It makes use of several servers simultaneously to provide you with more refined and filtered results.

    #6. Domize
    Please or Register to view links domain name registration tool offers a blend of both security and speed that makes it an ideal choice for people who want to search domain names amidst a safe environment. Furthermore, this domain tool is characterized by instant results that makes it amongst the quickest of the lot.

    #7. NameBoy
    Please or Register to view links is an ideal choice when you are planning on incorporating rhyming words or hyphens into your domain name. This tool works on inputted keywords and tries to find the most unique and appropriate domain for your website. After you enter a keyword in the dialog box of this tool, you will be provided with several choices of names from which you can pick the one that suits your website best.

    #8. Wordoid
    For uniqueness and creativity, you can always refer to the Please or Register to view links domain registration tool that is expert at creating completely unique made-up domain names. This tool further allows you to mix several languages and come up with a one of a kind name for your website.

    #9. Name Mesh
    Please or Register to view links domain registration tools takes help from available antonyms and synonyms of the inputted keyword to come up with a completely justifiable and sensible name for your domain. This increases the chances of finding an appropriate domain name substantially. Here’s a quick tip; for enhanced results while searching, add spaces in your keyword.

    #10. Domain Typer
    Please or Register to view links is popular in the online marketplace for its immaculate simplicity in the process of choosing an appropriate name for a domain. Domain searching is fast via this tool and users get quick suggestions in addition to the availability status of the searched names, as per the keywords inserted.

    #11. DomainsBot
    Please or Register to view links search tool is characterized by its comprehensive set of domain search services. It gives regular alerts on which domain has expired and which is available at the moment. It also gives quick results and instant suggestions with WHOIS search that makes it easy for the user to search appropriate domain names.

    #12. Domain Puzzler
    Please or Register to view links comes with three sets of domain search features that are namely, ‘easy’, ‘advanced’ and ‘magic’. The ‘easy’ option checks the availability of the domain on the basis of the inputted keyword, while the ‘magic’ option performs the task of combining keywords with an appropriate set of keywords that enhance your likelihood of finding a sensible domain name.

    #13. Name Tumbler
    Please or Register to view links consists of a database comprising of words that can be combined to form sensible and meaningful domain names. This tool also allows you to replace keywords in the formed word that makes it easier for you to find appropriate names for your domain.

    Mentioned above are 13 of the most popular domain name registration tools currently available in the market. Each of them carries different traits in terms of search and registration specifications and TLD (.com, .org, .net etc.) availability, thereby making it easier for you to choose the one that is suited best for your prerequisites.
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