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Top 10 ways to track your stolen phone through its IMEI number and apps

Discussion in 'General Mobile' started by Causing Glenn, May 10, 2013.

  1. Causing Glenn

    Causing Glenn daemonX Staff Member Moderator

    First of the all always remember to write your IMEI number ( more details below) and download apps that help you track your phone via either sending you pictures of the pick-pocketer or tracking your phone's GPS. It is also important to have a remote wiping facility so that your personal details don't fall into the wrong hands.

    1. IMEI

    Every smartphone has a unique IMEI number assigned to it and you can access it by dialing *#06#. Once your phone's 15-digit IMEI number is displayed, write it down and keep it safe for future reference. You can also retrieve the IMEI number by removing the battery. It is usually listed on a white sticker along with the phone's serial number.

    When you lose your handset, you will need to launch a FIR with the police, attaching a copy of the IMEI number with it. Then give a copy of this to your service provider who can track the phone based on its unique ID number and meanwhile block the handset so that it cannot be used by anyone else. IMEI number helps to tracks the handset, even when the SIM is changed or the SIM card is not activated. Once the phone is traced, the police should be able to retrieve it.

    2. Avast! mobile security

    This free invisible security app brings twin security measures for your handset by providing - a mobile antivirus and mobile tracking/controls solution. What is great about the app is that its anti-theft component is invisible to thieves, and provides remote options (via web portal or SMS commands) for locating and recovering your phone. Time to say goodbye to 'lost' phones.

    Download Avast! Free Mobile Security
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    3. Mobile chase-location tracker

    This is another handy app to track your stolen or lost phone. This app checks when the pick-pocketer changes the SIM card and sends a a SMS in 5 minutes from the new SIM number to your number, which has been stored in the application. The SIM contains GPS location data or current location code to aid in trace.

    Download Mobile Chase-Location Tracker
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    4. Thief tracker

    This one is our favorite. With Thief tracker app, you get to catch the 'thief' red handed. Any unsuccessful attempt to unlock your mobile will trigger this app to snap a picture from front camera and send you an email without the user even knowing it. However the app has some limitations - like it does not wipe data and an unsuccessful attempt is considered only when 4 dots in the pattern are selected.

    Download Thief Tracker
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    5. Smart look

    This software also clicks the pictures of the 'thief' - in fact three of them and, immediately e-mails it to you. It also comes equipped with a GPS continuous tracking system which is linked to the google map and also assists in tracing your lost or stolen phone.

    6. Anti- theft alarm

    You will love this app. Simply activate the alarm and leave your phone on the table or wherever and if someone moves your phone an alarm will sound. The alarm will only stop after entering a PIN. Those with sticky fingers, beware!

    Download Anti-theft Alarm
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    7. Kaspersky mobile security

    Another popular app that provides anti-theft defense, allowing you to block, wipe or find your missing phone. You can also easily filter unwanted SMS texts and calls. Plus, Anti-Virus Lite with cloud-based security scanner alerts you to potentially malicious apps before they can harm your phone.

    Download Kaspersky mobile security
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    8. Lookout security and antivirus

    This free app houses a slew of features to protect and trace your phone. After downloading the app, you will be able to find your phone on a Google Map instantly from Lookout.com, sound a loud alarm or make your phone SCREAM to find it even if it’s on silent and automatically see your phone's last known location. That's not all, in addition this app provides remotely lock and date wipe out facility. It also offers a lookout premium coverage for a small monthly fee for more stringent security.

    Download Lookout security and antivirus
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    9. Trend Micro mobile security & antivirus

    Ranked as one of the top selling security app, Trend Micro mobile provides free antivirus with a premium version which includes privacy scanning, web and contact filtering, parental controls and anti-theft features. You can avail a 30 day free trial to test various features like:
    --Privacy scanner warns you of apps that potentially steal your information
    --Surf, Call, Text Security keeps you and your kids safe by avoiding unwanted contact and content
    --Lost Device Protection includes anti-theft features that let you find, lock and wipe a missing device.

    Download Trend Micro mobile security & antivirus.
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    10. Plan B, Lookout mobile security

    Well if plan A doesn't work, you don't need to fear, there is always Plan B. This 'find my phone' app is the only app that you can download even after you have lost your phone. Using 'Plan B' requires access to the Android Market website and your Google account. After you install it, Plan B will start locating your phone using cell towers and GPS. On some phones, Plan B can switch GPS on automatically. Your location will keep updating for 10 minutes, and you will get an email each time it is located, whether the phone is moving or standing still. Information is also sent via SMS.

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  2. thanks ayos ito pero bookmark ko muna kasi need ko muna itweaks ang build.prop ng android ko at i wipe out lahat.papalitan ko ng ibang nakainstall.
  3. Ok Ito Aa .. Try ko to :alien::greyalien:
  4. may i ask kunng ano ung FIR that i need to request from the PNP?
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  5. yus15

    yus15 Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Salamat sa information. Try ko ito (y)
  6. Try ko to.. salamat
  7. tsok111

    tsok111 Eternal Poster Established

    wow daming info..thanks
  8. copyMerk

    copyMerk Forum Veteran Established

    Thank you for sharing.(y)

    natry ko din yung avast. maganda din sana pero may leak
    pwedeng makita yung pin mo kapag nasa ibang phone yung simcard na itetext mo.

    sana nasolve na ng avast.
  9. paanu nawala na ang phone ko di ko na install lahat niyan yung mayron ako is imei no. ko..patulong naman po please. i lost my SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4 ko...here my no. po sa ngayun 09175444670
  10. oo akala ko unique yung imei no. na nasa sa phone but di makita or how to locate using imei no.
  11. nice info ts... thanks!
  12. pa BM koya hehe salamat at natuklasan ko ito mula sayo
  13. derx

    derx El Vampiro Staff Member Moderator

    Thank you thank you boss! (y):cat:
  14. (y) pero kapag nanakaw ang phone mo at hindi mo alam ang IMEI patay kang bata ka :dead: :hilarious:
  15. napablocked ko na po sa NTC ung stolen phone ko LG G3. registered din po cp ko sa lg alam ko din po imei kasi na skin pa ung box. pano ko po mattrace kung nasan na ung cp ko using imei. ung kakilala ko ninakawan din ng cp nabalik sa knya using imei. tnakot nya kasi nkikita daw sa map kung nasan ung phone. kaya lng hndi nya sinabi kung pano nya gnawa. pls help me po.. kung sino po may alam pano itrace ang cp using imei. salamat ng marami..
  16. copyMerk

    copyMerk Forum Veteran Established

    wala akong alam kung paano itrace yung phone gamit IMEI lang. Pero yung sinabi mong nakikita ng kakilalamo yung location ng phone nya. Baka may ginamit syang application na nakainstall na dati dun sa phone nya bago nakawin. Ganyan din kasi yung feature ng avast anti-theft. Pero diskompyado ako sa avast kasi pwede makita yung tinext mong pin kapag inilipat yung simcard na tetexan mo sa ibang phone. :meh:
    Ewan ko lang ngayon, sana nasolve na ng avast.:meh:
  18. thanks for the info.. big help

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