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Top 10 tips, tricks, fixes and tweaks for Windows 10

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by DY09, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Top 10 Tips, Tricks, Fixes and Tweaks for Windows 10

    1. Hide Cortana
    Microsoft's personal assistant is a darn sight more useful than Clippy, but some may still find it irksome and prefer to be left alone.


    You can hide Cortana and at the same time turn it off easily. There are two possible routes (depending on your flavour of Windows).

    In the latest Windows build (version 1511), Microsoft has bundled all of Cortana's functionality together. Click into Cortana and select 'Settings'. There's a simple 'On/Off' switch that wields the necessary power.

    For those enrolled in Insider Builds, click into Cortana's search bar and select the aforementioned second icon down (Microsoft calls this newly opened panel the ‘Notebook', we're not clear why).

    From here choose ‘Settings' and you'll be presented with options that control all Cortana's inner workings. You can simply choose to turn Cortana off, or disable things like the 'Hey Cortana' recognition.

    2. Add DVD support to Windows 10
    Sadly Windows 10 strips out support for watching DVDs, a rare low point for an OS that gets so many things right.


    However, those who upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8 with Windows Media Centre or Windows 8.1 with Windows Media Centre are eligible for a free download of Microsoft's Windows 10 DVD Player app. For everyone else it's £11.59.

    Search for 'Windows DVD Player' in the Windows Store. Yes, it might look a bit ugly, but for a barebones DVD player, it does the job.

    3. Enable 'GodMode'
    If you're a V3 reader we hope we shouldn't have to warn you when it comes to extreme dabbling.


    ‘GodMode' launches a special folder that's chockful of the settings usually hidden away behind menu systems or deep in the OS.

    To get at it right-click anywhere on your Desktop (or a folder of your choosing) and create a new folder with the following name:


    If you get a message complaining about special characters in the name, make sure you've deleted any rogue spaces at the end of the copied text.

    As gamers who grew up with first-person shooters we appreciate the subtle nod here.

    4. Take control of automatic updates
    Navigate to Windows 10 ‘Settings'. Once there drill down to the ‘Update & Security' options to find the ‘Windows Update' panel. Click ‘Advanced Options' in order to begin tinkering.


    If you live in fear of Windows restarting on its own, ‘Notify to schedule restart' is definitely the way to go. You can also untick the box that sends you updates for other Microsoft products.

    What about if you want to bypass Windows Updates entirely? If you're running an Insider Build you can choose to ‘Defer upgrades'. This means that Windows features won't be downloaded or installed for several months. However, critical pâtches such as security updates will still get through.

    5. Turn off Windows 10 tips
    The Windows 10 Action Centre delivers notifications that provide helpful tips to get the most out of the new OS. It's a nice idea in principle, but it begins to grate after a few weeks.


    If you'd prefer to work things out for yourself just navigate to 'Settings' on the Start Menu, click 'System' and look for the 'Notifications & actions' tab. Simply flick the button that reads 'Show me tips about Windows' to 'Off'.

    We'll get onto Cortana later, but you may want to turn off the occasional prompts. From Build 10147 onwards Microsoft referred to these as ‘Taskbar titbits'.

    For users running Insider Builds, click into Cortana's search box, select the second icon down (the one that we're told looks like a notebook) then ‘Settings'. Scroll down until you see ‘Taskbar titbits' and slide the switch to the ‘Off' position.

    However, if your machine is fully up to date (version 1511), you'll need to turn Cortana off completely to achieve the same result. More on that later.

    6. Enable Windows 10 Battery Saver mode
    If you're on a laptop with no plug in sight you'll want to squeeze as much juice out of your battery as possible.

    [​IMG]We're used to enabling battery saving on mobile phones so why don't we do the same on our portable PCs?

    To turn on Battery Saver just locate the battery/power icon in your Windows Taskbar (towards the right, near date/time) and click the ‘Battery saver' button.

    7. Disable Windows animations
    Windows 10 is arguably the most smooth and responsive OS since Windows 7. Installing it on an ageing, ailing PC will give it a welcome boost, and guarantee it a few more years of life at least. However, that's not to say it's all been plain sailing for the 270 million who have made the jump.


    Animations can be a resource hog, so depending on your configuration, you may want to turn these off. Begin to type ‘animations' into Cortana's search bar (this is the quickest method) and select the top result that appears which should be ‘Turn Windows animations on or off'.

    8. Take web notes
    There is, however, a lot to like about Edge. Take, for instance, Web Notes and the fact that it supports resolutions up to 1080p (useful for watching Netflix). This allows you to scribble your thoughts on a web page.


    When you've spotted something shareable, look to the top-right corner of the Edge browser window. The Web Notes button is depicted by a boundary box with a pencil inside.

    Click that and a purple ribbon appears containing highlighter pens, eraser, clipping tool and sticky notes. Go wild with your annotations, but don't forget to click the Save icon (a floppy disk), or Share Web Note (circular icon).

    9. Change your default browser
    Microsoft's new Edge browser has received something of a bad rap in the months since its release.

    If you're after a dedicated download manager, customisation options and extension support, you can restore popular alternatives like Chrome or Firefox with a few clicks.

    Click 'Settings' from your Start Menu, from there go to 'System'. From the list of options on the left choose 'Default Apps'. Now look to the right and select 'Microsoft Edge' under the Web browser heading. You'll be prompted to choose a replacement app which will banish Edge from your life forever.

    10. Gain quick access to settings

    If you're already familiar with Windows 8 you might have come across this one. Right-click the Start Menu to reveal a handy sub-menu containing many of Windows' most widely used settings.

    Alternatively, it can be launched using Windows Key + X. Turning off the PC or signing out can also be done from here.

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