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Top 10 Places in Manila for Your Secret Someone

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jeanh, Jul 15, 2015.

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    Update 2014 February 11: I don’t understand why this is the most read article here. Anyway, do not read this if you’re expecting something like Antonio’s or Vask even. This article is not about taking your loved ones to romantic places or even hidden gemstones in Manila. This article is about taking your SECRET someone to a secret place so they can’t be seen or be heard.

    Likewise, for the foreigners out there… these are not tourist spots. You won’t understand this article if you’re not Filipino. Will make one for you guys soon!

    Don’t hate me. I’m really mabait. Xoxo- Please or Register to view links

    You are bound to meet someone within a kilometer radius here in Manila. If you’re single and you intend to keep it that way, taking your date to Rockwell for a Chef Jessie Saturday lunch is definitely not an option. You’re single, and we know it. You’re strong, independent minded, crazy, sê×ÿ, cool just like Zooey, who we love and adore! Just like a new car, your market value is up when mileage is close to zero.

    If you’re taken and you have a reputation to protect, taking number two or four in Serendra is surely a legitimate relationship suicide. You’ll definitely receive a call from your partner requesting for your coordinates. Do prepare a bio-data of the querida when you get home. Don’t lie. Manila has eagle eyes. Why not take them to Antipolo instead? Its got the best Manila view comparable to Skye Lounge, cheap pa!

    Bottom line, I always believe that introducing a special someone to friends is tantamount to pamamanhikan. And for sure, that ain’t gonna happen in this lifetime unless you’re the one. It doesn’t mean however that the dating possibilities will be limited to condo dinner and DVD marathons yet again!

    For your learnings today, there are still places in Manila that are not as overexposed like Boracay. There are still hidden gemstones for your secret someone because we all know that Greenbelt will always be for the special one AKA your press release, and the hidden gemstones are for your getting to know stage without the high cost.

    Here are Manila’s gemstones for your secret someone in no particular order.

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    Meatshop, Katipunan

    I love it when we surprise people whenever we say that we eat isaw both manok and baboy and that we ride the MRT. The look on their faces once finding it out is just ***** amazement and surely a plus in our 101. Just make sure to eat inside since the tables and chairs outside exposes you to the Katipunan traffic. Fortunately, Meatshop serves JD+Coke and Vodka Sprite.

    Update: CLOSED!

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    Metrowalk, Ortigas

    This place houses in a variety of midscale restaurants for your weekly secret dating needs. Strangely, I haven’t met someone I know here… ever! You can also buy your pirated DVD’s upstairs for that intimate, cost-free date nights in someone’s flat.

    Must try: Il Mercanti on weekend nights as a starter before taking them to Mercato weekends once made official.

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    Hassan, Katipunan

    There are these street-chic restos along Katipunan and it’s not Banapple, Kopi Roti, or Army Navy. Reserve that for the next stage of the relationship. Think Que Rico area. Hassan seems to be a legit hideaway for your secret someone in case you’re suffering from Persian Kebab Craving Syndrome.

    Must try: Plain yoghurt shake, Kebabs on Garlic Herb Sauce… No ox-brain please, Luis!

    Update: Moved to the other side of Katipunan Avenue (Southbound).

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    SM North Edsa/ Market! Market!/ Gateway/ Robinsons Pioneer

    Fancy a window-shopping with your secret someone? Take them to SM North Edsa or Market! Market! for a worry free weekend. The probability of meeting someone you know is slim and mass produced commodities can be found here too! Trust SM in everything. They have it all for you less the people your friends with in Facebook.

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    Tiendesitas (PM only)

    Tiedesitas is relatively safe to take your secret someone just incase they feel the need to be exposed to the outdoor setting. Your friends might be taking their bitches for some weekly cleaning in the morning so better reserve your Tiendesitas visit at night once the sisig starts sizzling.

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    Bonchalet, Marikina

    I dated someone who brought me to this Marikina restaurant with a dungeon-like ambiance brought about by stoned walls with curved entrance passages. It’s like Bugsy’s without the AC and it’s in Marikina. So it’s safe.

    Remember that the best excuse for taking a secret someone elsewhere is simply a request for less people, something different, and cheap. If someone says that to you, then most definitely you’re a secret someone.

    Update: CLOSED!

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    Be wary when someone says, ‘Let’s go to Antipolo for dinner’. It doesn’t mean that they’re making an extra step for you to be impressed or are they naturally romantic. It simply means you’re a secret someone. Try and convince them for a Tagaytay instead and let’s see how they’ll react to it.

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    Home Depot, Ortigas

    If you’re gay then this is not applicable to you since a popular gay bar is located in the area. Don’t go na rin there if you’re gay since there’s only a handful of qualified and doable gay guys here in Manila and they don’t go to O or Bed, try Opus or Skye… they’re not out though it’s more of a strategy thing in being able to smell them. Takes years to master the talent. If they’re single, hot, and out naman, they act so gay they sweat Bath and Body Works Cucumber Watermelon. Sa HengKeng ka na lang magdate dai!

    It doesn’t mean however that Home Depot is automatically a rainbow district. There are a variety of little restaurants and bars for you and your secret someone to hang out in the weekend without the possibility of being spotted.

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    La Mesa Eco Park/ Bay Walk

    Why jog and show the world the person you’re dating in the streets of Fort Bonifacio when you can start and test it first at La Mesa Eco Park or Bay Walk? For sure, you’ll be able to burn calories and enjoy the anonymity as well. I don’t go to Bay Walk so for sure you’re not going to see first to third degree friends there.

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    Bluewave, Macapagal

    Just like Metrowalk, this place is ideal for a secret someone especially for the north people. It’s far, relatively lib-lib and just in case you crave for the mall atmosphere then Harrison is there.

    Just so you know, if you’re being taken to these places, keep in mind that the dating is in its first stages. It’s really hard for someone to take you places they consider an extension of their identity for the simple reason that they’re afraid; afraid of change, afraid of love, and afraid of criticism. Be patient, be kind. Who knows? Sooner or later you’ll be considered as their special (and not a secret) someone.
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  2. LOL bakit napasama market market at pioneer dito :hilarious:
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