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Tnt web bug

Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by KONOHAGAKURE, Oct 18, 2016.

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  1. Just giving you an idea, on how web bug for tnt site works.

    (This is my own version of tnt web bug)

    1php load (to avoid error)
    Web debugging proxy (google it)
    Cookie editor (google it)
    Vulnerable site of tnt
    Please or Register to view links

    Hint only :
    1php balance to avoid error and do success registration.
    Find promo pisonet and register to it.
    Success registered! Web debugging proxy scans the cookies on the site. Find the cookie of the success registration promo. Find another promo again (opermax will do)
    Copy it and paste on the cookie editor (inject)
    Repeat until you rich!

    *this is only a hint I don't do further detailed tutorial, it's up to you on how you do the trick, your style.

    Last edited: Oct 18, 2016
  2. pag ka tapos ng copy paste boss ani ang epekto nito?
  3. ..just it sorry no further detail.
  4. eto pala yung patong patong yung data mb mo?
  5. Well you can edit the number of your choice, seek good promo like for a month, make a business out of it (monkey). Make your brain working mates.
  6. thanks sa info ts
  7. Grafixandart

    Grafixandart Addict Established

    What is this sh*t for real? Lol
  8. Coolkidz

    Coolkidz Enthusiast Established

    Bago po ako sa words na Yan tsaka sa method.

    san po nakikita yungcookie sensei?:)
  9. pakibigay nalang yung exact name ng app ng web debugger proxy and cookie editor ts.
    btw extension/add-on ba yang dalawang yan ts?
  10. jayjay_21

    jayjay_21 Enthusiast Established

    will try this ome...
  11. pakipot

    pakipot Addict Established

    Sa wakas may nagshare din kahit hint.salamat. try ko mamaya pag uwi haha..
  12. Wag natin tigilan hanggat hindi makatay ang bug mga boss...hindi pwedeng sila lang ang yayaman..ganyan tayo mga pinoy..."talangka"

    1s- Ts kung gusto mo makatulong .wag kang pasikot-sikot ang alam ko yang procedure mo eh hindi nsg wowork sayo kaya gusto mong gawing tester ang mga member dito.

    2nd- ts kung gusto mong makatulog e bug mo lahat ng mga sim namin dito then tago mo muna ang tamang procedure para tatagal ang buhay ng bug at marami ka pang matulungan..."talangaka!"

    Ang alam ko merong rules dito na "posting of tricks wihoug the ppermission of the owner-violation"..

    Bigyan mo nga ako ng dahilan ts kung bakit nag post kapa ng ganito?


    Nakatay na pala ang tnt bug..magdiwang na tayo mga "talangka"

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  13. lhoi21

    lhoi21 Addict Established

    tama to, pero kahit di kana gumamit ng web debugging proxy pwede parin hehe.
  14. up for the comment above. What's my purpose of this? To acknowledge phc pips here that web bug is too good to be true. And tester? Well you can say that yourself its your will your freedom. But Im not encouraging you to do this stupid thread ive posted. All I want is that give some hints, and fyi if you not belong to 2008 well I guess your 2000 and late. Why therea always hate and bash for this kind of thread?

    Mind reversing style? Katay? Really? And commiting violation for not having permission to owner? Fyi again pea brain, this trick is not own by anyone okay. Well self search that can do by anybody. So shut the hell up and please be polite okay. This is my thread btw. Respect not inspect.
  15. Wakokek

    Wakokek Addict Established

  16. salamat ts,ito ba yung tinatago nila na trick,kaso kailangan pa talaga pag aralan tamang procedure nito thanks
  17. foxgalano

    foxgalano Forum Veteran Established

  18. Wala akong pakialam sa mga years na yan..(2008,2000,,,.) Bakit puro ba tama nagawa niyo dati?

    Syempre may ng mamay-ari nyan yung unang naka diskobre- ano yan Kabote?
  19. And why don't you rotchschild era give us freedom for a moment? Time has come to us to unveil the truth against thief for money. Internet is free to all. Not for somebody or certain pips.
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