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TalknText TNT Users - Unli Internet Piso per 2 Days

Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by haxxersan07, Dec 4, 2015.

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  1. Working as of December 2, 2015
    1. Text PROTECT ON to 4545 and wait for confirmation. This will turn ON the Load Protection of your SIM so that the network will not charge you with the standard internet charges.
    2. Text FREE WIKI to 5555 and wait for confirmation. This will enable FREE Wikipedia access and this is where the trick happens when you proceed with the next step.
    3. Text SAMPLE to 4545 and wait for confirmation. Never mind the 5 hours only internet access in the Piso Sampler notification; it will be unlimited if you are registered with FREE Wikipedia promo.
    4. Text ROAM OFF to 333 and wait for the confirmation that your roaming is now off.
    5. Done. Start browsing the internet!
    *Redo steps 2 and 3 when your PisoNet Sampler subscription expires. This requires that you register to the promos every 2 days for PhP1.00.
    *If you were NOT successful in making this unlimited internet to last for two days (i.e. after 5 hours you can no longer browse the internet and you have received a text that your Piso Sampler subscription is no longer valid), opt to register to SCHOOL (send to 5555) after Step 2 and register again to FREE WIKI then proceed with Step 3. This is a sure way to enjoy the unlimited internet using your TNT SIM but this costs more. It will be PhP6.00 per 2 days and you have to redo the steps 2 and 3 (plus the insertions in case you did it) every two days. You can also try a more expensive version using the UNLI20 mixed with the PisoNet if it won't work with you.

    credit sa owner..
  2. mukhang copy paste ito. :banghead:
  3. (y)

    nope! posted na ito dito sa phc!
  4. yeah.. pero matagal ng posted sa kabila. nabasa ko noong isang araw.
    yung credits kay nico din..
  5. kya nga may credit ee
  6. hay naku:facepalm: mga leecher talaga basta lang may maipost :LOL:
  7. ok! basa ka nalang ulit ng rules dito . avoid sms type of posting .
  8. Parang yung liham lng dati, ;$
  9. meron naba to sa kabila? ito lang alam kong forum eh . hehe . tsaka meron na din tayo post ng ganito dito eh .
  10. hahaha search muna kayo bago mag post ha. (y) and avoid sms posting
    dihsarla and ravage like this.
  11. ravage

    ravage Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Ssshhhh.... tama na yan, move-on na kayo para wala na samaan ng loob.
    Give him a chance to share, ignore nyo na lang if hindi nyo kelangan.
    edgarlars, Soul Surfer and taroroy like this.
  12. kung tutuusin hindi yan bug LOL
  13. Hahaha.....

    Salamat parin sa share... keep sharing...
  14. ok boss rav . :)
    keep sharing ts . ;)
  15. yeah i was searching last night kasi hindi ko ma view yung post. cause im still not an established member. that's why nakita ko yung old post neto.. but hindi ko pa nasubukan hehe
  16. oo nga naman naging leecher din namn kyo bago kayo napromote

    paki bura nlng po kung di na need salamat.
    ravage likes this.
  17. Hahaha lakas nito oh.. Isang hokagi
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