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Tutorial Tips how to protect yourself from the internet

Discussion in 'Web & Internet' started by Anecdote, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Block People That You Do Not Want To Show Your Information To

    Protecting Facebook account is so much important. People are simply creating their Facebook account and posting all personal information on it. But they never try to protect it. Simple things will make your account to be hâckêd by any common friend of yours. Today i will tell you how to protect your Facebook account from being hâckêd. First thing you have to keep in mind that a Facebook Account is very easy to hack specially for a person to whom you are very close with. If you have not taken any necessary steps to protect it, so you can lose you Facebook account. If you are serious about your Facebook account then follow some steps below to protect your Facebook account to be hâckêd.

    Never Use Full Name

    Most of your real friends don't know your full name, so why give it out to complete strangers? Yes, it’s OK to use your family name. Anybody can know that and it won't affect your privacy. Use your nickname and family name. Never give your middle name. That is starting to identify you from thousands of other people with a first and last name like yours. If your real friends know you as your nickname, use that nickname as your first name online. Keep your middle name blank, or add a fake one.

    Enable HTTPs

    When you bookmark the URL for Facebook or any of your other social networks, be sure to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. This encrypts your communications. In fact, you will have to temporarily disable this feature any time you give access to a new application. That alone should give you confidence that you have achieved a greater level of protection.

    Attach Cell Phone To Your Facebook Account

    This is one of the most important feature to protect your account to being hâckêd, let suppose an attacker stole your ID and password of Facebook, than the attacker try to log in from your account from an unknown computer, Facebook block this log in even if the password and ID is correct, Facebook block this log in because of an unknown computer try to log in your account than Facebook will send a message into your number to verify this log in. This all happen when you turn on this feature, go to your account setting-->account security--> mark check on log in approvals or account setting-->mobile--> add a Phone.

    Don’t Display Your Facebook Account ID

    This is a very common mistake that everyone make. We just display our Facebook login ID details in our info page on Facebook. Which is a direct hint to the hacker saying which ID you are using to login the Facebook account. By getting your account ID a hacker can just hack your account in 30 Seconds. Just see the screenshot below.

    You can find this page in your info tab. I suggest you to remove your personal info like Email and phone number soon.

    Choose strong password

    Many people still use simple passwords. "password123" is not a strong password!!! Use a strong password for your account. Also, do not use the same password for Facebook that you also use for your email accounts, your online banking and everything else.

    You can find Some Common passwords in our Email Section

    Avoid to install FB Application

    Be wary of allowing just any application on Facebook to access your personal information. These applications request access to your personal information and you don't know what they will do with that information. Another tip to protect your Facebook account is to use different user names and passwords for each Facebook account you set up, and for goodness sakes, do not use the same username and password for Facebook that you would use for other important online accounts, like your BANK account!

    Protect your privacy, Do not show your valid government ID

    This means, for example if you are using your Gmail account to login your Facebook account, you have to make sure that your Gmail account is properly secured. This is the most important concept which people usually forget to note. And if you are using Yahoo mail or any other mail service, make sure they are properly verified.

    Safeguard your birth date - Birth dates are often needed to validate our identity. Under Profile, you can choose to not display your birthday or alternatively you can choose not to display your year of birth. Most of us are trusting by nature. Remember a trusted friend today may not be a trusted friend in the future. Think carefully about what you post online and how you safeguard the information.

    Block people you don't want

    You can simply go to their photograph and there should be a block option for you to choose. When this is activated, this person no longer to be able to see anything that related to your account and this is a great option to avoid people that are bothering you. When you block a person, there will be a window pops up and ask you for the reason. You must REPORT them if they have cyber stalking or harassment. It is important to REPORT if this is really happening, because Facebook will not stop if no one reports.

    Do not buy anything from Facebook.

    I know there are lots of applications that you need to pay for, but try to ignore it and use the "FREE" things they offers. It is not cleverness to give out your financial information to 3rd party just because you want to send a picture of a birthday cake to your friends.

    Java script

    You must have seen the circulating scraps that ask you to paste this code in your address bar and see what happens! Well sometimes they also leak out your information. Check the code and if you are unsure of what to do, then I recommend not to use it

    Stop Young Children From Using Facebook.

    You must be at least 13 years old to use Facebook (From Facebook Privacy Policy) and own a profile. If you have a young child or teenager who uses Facebook, monitor their activities by either providing your email for notifications or using third party software to control internet usage. Educating children in using the internet and how information can be spread to millions of users is an important aspect for all parents. Teach children about posting status updates regarding dates, times and even school information.

    The following are the methods used by most Hackers to Hack a Facebook Password

    Social Engineering or Guessing Password
    Mobile Phone Spying
    Phishing or Fake Login Pages

    Studies show that over 70% of the internet accounts get hâckêd with this method however Making a Fake login pages demands the skill of PHP Coding and HTML too. In Phishing a hacker creates a Fake login page which exactly resembles to the Facebook Page and then makes the victim login through that page and thus the victim gets his/her Facebook account hâckêd.

    këÿlôggêrs(Spying Softwares)

    Well keylogging is the widest and most commonly used Technique to Hack a Facebook Password. A këÿlôggêr is a piece of software used to record keystrokes( Keys that were typed) on a computer. këÿlôggêrs support two types of monitoring depending upon their efficiency and quality

    Local Monitoring
    Remote Monitoring
    Local Monitoring këÿlôggêrs are used to monitor a personal computer. Where as Remote Monitoring këÿlôggêrs are used to monitor both local pc's as well as remote pc's.

    Social Engineering

    Social engineering is method of retrieving password or Guessing the password or answer of security question simply is hâckïng some information about the victim or simply gathering his information from his own Facebook and other social networking profiles where most of users provide their critical information just for fashion and doesn't know its consequences.

    Mobile Phone hâckïng
    Millions of Facebook users access Facebook through their mobile phones. In case the hacker can gain access to the victim’s mobile phone then he can probably gain access to his/her Facebook account. There are many Mobile Spying Softwares used to monitor a Cell phone
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    unplug ethernet cable. turn off the wifi, turn off the data. done.
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