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Trivia Tips For Dating A Woman Who Makes WAY More Money Than You

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by Yours, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. 5 Tips For Dating A Woman Who Makes WAY More Money Than You

    It’s true that men still earn more than women, but with the gap between men and women’s earnings at an all-time low, men are increasingly finding themselves in the following scenario:
    You’re interested in Please or Register to view links an amazing woman, but it soon becomes quite apparent that she earns more than you. Is this an ego-bruising Please or Register to view links that you should walk away from? Or do you Please or Register to view links in spite of what your pay slips and CV say?

    Here are some tips on Please or Register to view links a breadwinning woman without killing your confidence:

    1. Focus on her, not her bank account.
    In the early stages of dating, the rules are the same whether you're dating someone who earns more or less than you. Focus on the person, not what they earn. Find out about her hobbies and interests and what you have in common. It's these types of interactions that will indicate whether there's a futur
    e there and a conversation about money will have its time and place.

    2. Treat her like a lady.
    Breadwinning women still want you to treat them as women, and the best part is, money needn’t come into this at all. Some old-fashioned chivalry goes a long way, so don’t hold back. Compliment her, open doors, offer your jacket if it’s chilly outside and send her flowers for no particular reason other than to let her know you're thinking of her.

    3. Manage your money wisely.

    The right kind of successful breadwinning lady is less interested in how much money you have but far more interested in how you handle it. Do you live within your means? Do you put some aside for the future? If the answer is yes, then it's far less likely that money will become an issue.

    4. Be creative with your dates.
    You don’t have to take her to dinner at the Ritz. Cooking a candle-lit dinner at home or surprising her with a picnic somewhere special will score you major brownie points (and is SUPER Please or Register to view links!)

    5. Maintain your masculinity.

    All women like to feel protected and secure in a relationship, and, again, money need not come into it. Simple acts like walking on the road side of the sidewalk to prevent her from getting splashed when it’s raining and supporting her emotionally through difficult times are important things that money simply cannot buy.
    Just remember, dating is ultimately about Please or Register to view links, not money. If the spark is there, you owe it to yourselves to get passed the initial ego-bruising and just go for it!


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