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The wide gamut screen of Mate 8

Discussion in 'General Mobile' started by htfan, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Mate 8 has adopted a wide gamut screen with 95% NTSC color saturation, but the color saturation of Mate 7 and iPhone 6s plus is merely 71%. Most of the consumers might have no sense about these data. Next, I'll explain them to you about the wide gamut screen and its advantages.
    First, I'll talk about what is wide gamut screen.
    CIE1931 is the most basic standard for visible spectrum and color gamut, and the diagram of the standard is tongue-shaped, covering the whole visible color gamut. sRGB is a standard RGB color space created by Microsoft, which is mainly used in screen, printing and projection. NTSC was first developed by the Americans in 1953, which has broader color gamut than sRGB. We can see from the following diagram that both NTSC and sRGB are subsets of CIE1931, but the color range of NTSC is much broader than sRGB.


    Formerly people use sRGB to describe the color gamut of the screen, sRGB is established in the past when the manufacturing technology of the screen has not reached the level of wide gamut. As technology developed gradually, the number of screens that can reach or exceed 100% sRGB is increased as well. Measured by NTSC, it is merely 71% color saturation. So now we are tend to use color coverage under NTSC standard to express screen color gamut. According to international standard, the color coverage ratio of wide gamut screen should be as high as 92% NTSC.

    Strengths of wide gamut screen
    The color saturation of Mate 7 and iPhone 6s plus is respectively 71% NTSC. Then what does 95% NTSC color saturation of Mate 8 mean? Let's compare the differences.
    Example 1


    The above picture shows the screen of iPhone 6s Plus, while the picture on the right shows the screen of Mate 8. On right site, we can see the feather and the neck of the parrot is more captured finely. However, the picture on the left is somewhat blurred, and the feathers can't be clearly discerned. This is because Mate 8 has broader color gamut and richer color information. The picture clearly demonstrates the expressive force of Mate 8 in blue and green colors.

    Example 2


    The yellow color of the right site is obviously more gorgeous and transparent than the color on the screen of iPhone 6s Plus. The colors of the flower stem of right picture are finer and sharper. Even the tomenta on the stem is displayed clearly.

    Example 3


    The colors of the rose petals on the right site are more gorgeous and saturated, while the colors of the picture on the left site is quite light.

    Example 4


    The colors of Mate 8 above are more saturated than iPhone 6s Plus, especially in orange, yellow and green.
    71% NTSC cannot express the actual colors of the nature seen by human eyes. Mate 8 increases its color gamut to 95% NTSC and allows to display better about the real colors seen by human eyes.

    Why the display effect of Mate 8 is so good?
    The display effect of Mate 8 can't be achieved without a wide gamut screen. It's prove that Huawei is developing a display engine known as Extreme Vision Engine (EVE), which is similar to Sony's X-Reality Engine and applies TV's BRAVIA ENGINE, an image processing technology. The technology can enhance the dynamic image definition, suppress the noise of the subtle areas, improve saturation, contrast and sharpness, and restore original natural color of the original layers. According to the current display effect of Mate 8, I think that Mate 8 is equipped with the Extreme Vision Engine.
    1) Improve dynamic contrast of the images and display more details in the dark areas.


    The left picture is taken by iPhone 6s Plus. The rendering of the eave is very dark. However, the picture taken by Mate 8 showing the details of the eave, the red color and yellow color are extremely saturated.

    2) The colors are more gorgeous, three-dimensional, and multi-layered, and the picture is vivid.


    The right yarn which taken by Mate 8 is more finely displayed. However the left picture captured by iPhone 6s Plus is plainly rendered, and it's hard to see where the light comes. The sense of layers of the yarn is not that obvious compared to Mate 8.

    3) The margin of the picture is clear-cut and sharp, and the details are better presented.


    The right picture which taken by Mate 8 shows more details of the feather, especially the yellow, blue and green feather. At the same time, the image of Mate 8 is sharp, while the image of iPhone 6s Plus is somewhat blurred.


    4) The display effect is optimal in outdoor sunlight.


    The bottom picture that taken by Mate 8 is obviously better and clearer than iPhone 6s Plus.

    Wide color gamut enable to display the picture with color finely, gorgeous, and the picture demonstrates greater sense of layers.
    The comparison above are showing the contrasting differences. If you look at the objects directly with your eyes, you can see greater differences.
    Also, you may go to the physical stores to experience the display effect of Mate 8, and you will be surely surprised by it!
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