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The unspoken truth about dating a married man

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jeanh, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. The unspoken truth about dating a married man

    1. You may feel like you and him 'were meant to be' and that it 'feels right' when you are together. Truth is you are on a highway to hell. God does not tolerate adultery. It's clear cut.

    2. He doesn't love you. He can say it a million times and buy you all sorts of things but he doesn't love you. I know he doesn't love you because of the following:
    a) love is not self-seeking. Right now he has two women. You and her. That's just plain selfish.
    b) if he loved you, he'd want you to have your own family; a husband and kids. You can't have your own family, yet he has one.
    c) while you sleep alone except on the rare occasions where he has to lie about where is going, he spends his nights holding his wife in his arms. You and him just exist on borrowed time.

    3. He won't leave his wife. 95% of them don't, they never leave their wives, and the 5 % that do will continue marrying and divorcing because the bottom line is they have commitment issues. So even if he leaves her for you, get ready for him to leave you too, after all it's a relationship built on deception and lies.

    4. He wants ***. There is no married man you can date and tell you are waiting for marriage. After all he is already married so he has no need to wait on you to get intimacy. The truth is he wants ***. If you don't give him ***, he won't stay.

    4. He isn't a victim of a bad marriage. The story of him having a wife who treats him bad is so played out. And if she treats him bad, it's not your business to make it better.

    5. He isn't a man of good character:
    a) he has no fear of God
    b) he has no respect for his family being his wife, his children, his own parents and in-laws
    c) he has no integrity, after all he is lying to his wife. You can't trust him.

    If you are that woman, I love you and pray this truth makes you uncomfortable enough in your spirit to cause you to turn to let him go. And if you know a sister stuck in the situation love her and tell her the truth, don't lie to her.

  2. queencee

    queencee Forum Expert Established

    Thanks for sharing this :) Truth revealed.
  3. welcome mga bossing [​IMG]
  4. Tamsy

    Tamsy Forum Veteran Established

    Thanks for sharing boss
  5. welcome mga bossing [​IMG]
  6. Thanks for sharing :)
  7. welcome mga bossing [​IMG]
  8. khloe

    khloe Addict Established

    Thanks for this post. I have been looking through a rose-tinted glass and i was ignoring the bad consequences if ever i continue falling for a married man. It's time to forget him, truly get him out of my system.
  9. welcome po mam
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