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Tutorial The ultimate computer repair guide

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by imbz, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. upload_2014-9-28_19-57-39.jpeg
    • Legal Disclaimers
    • Components That Make Up Your Computer
    • How To Add Random Access Memory To Speed Up Your Desktop
    • Install More RAM In Your Laptop For More Speed
    • How to Easily and Safely Install RAM
    • How To Troubleshoot RAM Memory
    • Memory Testing Software Utilities
    • Get More Computer Storage By Installing A Larger Hard Drive
    • Here's How To Replace A DVD Drive In Your Laptop•
    • Installing A Sound Card The Easy Way
    • Open The System Unit
    • Installing The Sound Card
    • Replace The System Unit Cover
    • Can You Install A New Sound Card In Laptops?
    • Installing a USB Sound Card in Your Laptop
    • Quick and Easy Sound Card Problem Solving
    • General Computer Troubleshooting
    • How To Revive A Dead Computer
    • How To Speed Up Any Desktop Or Laptop Computer
    • Make Sure You Have Enough Memory
    • Be Sure To Clean Up Your Desktop
    • Make Sure You Have a Fast Enough CPU Chip
    • Uninstall Those Unneeded Applications To Free Up Memory
    • Get And Keep Your BIOS Fine Tuned
    • pâtch Your Computer To Keep It Updated
    • Keep Your Antivirus Up to Date and Scan Your Disks
    • Make Sure Your Antivirus/Internet Security Programs Run at Night
    • Make Sure You Have no Spyware
    • Stop Unneeded Startup Programs
    • Defragment Your Hard Drive Regularly
    • Remove Those Unneeded Files
    • Move the Page File to Another Partition
    • Stop File Indexing
    • Turn Off Animations
    • Clean the Registry
    • Stop Unneeded Services
    • Turn Off Fancy Desktop Backgrounds, and Screensavers
    • ReadyBoost for Vista Speeds Boot Times and Other Operations
    • Change Your PC Use Habits
    • Have Your PC health Assessed for Free at PC Pitstop
    • How To Upgrade Your Graphics Card
    • Installing The Graphics Card In The System Unit
    • AGP Graphics Card
    • Graphics Card Problem Solving
    • Nothing on the Monitor
    • Monitor Works But No Display
    • Monitor Works But Poor Display
    • Easily Installing Your New Hard Drive
    • Repairing The Hard Drive, Hardware And Software
    • General Hard Drive Troubleshooting
    • Use Operating System Utilities
    • Check Drive Cables and Connection
    • If the Drive Will Not Boot Up?
    • If the Drive Boots but Hangs Up at Boot?
    • Hard Drive Software Troubleshooting
    • Hard Drive Software Problems and Solutions
    • Computer Boots but with Many Errors or Hangs
    • Your Hard Drive may have an IRQ Conflict
    • Your Hard Drive Device Drives Causing Problems
    • What To Do When Windows Won't Boot
    • Won't Boot-Up At All
    • Making a Windows XP Bootable Floppy, if You Still Have a Floppy Drive
    • If The PC Won't Boot Past Windows
    • Here's How To Replace A DVD Drive In Your Laptop
    • How To Repair Cable, DSL, And Dial-Up Modem Problems
    • How To Setup Cable Modem With A Router
    • A Direct Subscriber Line ( DSL ) Modem
    • Troubleshooting DSL Modems-Internet Access Needed
    • An Older Dial-Up Modem
    • Tips On Surviving An Operating System Crash
    • So Just What is a Hard Drive Crash?
    • Here's How You Can Recover From a Hard Drive Crash
    • Following These Steps To Recover Your Hard Drive

    Credit to the owner of this tut :LOL:

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    Last edited: Sep 28, 2014
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  2. Lawliet_1

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    nice paDL ako (y) salamat sa share :P
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  17. wow nice, gusto ko nito pero ung iba lang hindi ko pa alam ung iba ee. tnx anyway
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