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The Top Selling Cars of 2014

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by aregee, Aug 4, 2015.

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    This little hybrid is as popular in Europe as it is in the United States. After Toyota’s success with this model, they produced two more versions: Prius V (the bigger version) and Prius C. The interior of Toyota Prius is comfy and looks decent, but the best thing about it is its fuel economy and the fact that it is a hybrid, of course. And it is affordable – around $24,000.

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    Another Japanese beauty ranks quite high in all lists of top selling cars for this year: Honda Accord. Owners say it is comfy, fun to drive and easy to handle, even in bad road conditions. There are 4 and 6 cylinder versions. The first one comes with a 6-speed manual transmission, and the other one comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission (you can also opt for manual transmission if you buy a model with V6).

    3. TOYOTA RAV4
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    This SUV ranks high in nearly all lists of good affordable cars. The engine power, spacious interior, quality materials, nice exterior and good fuel economy make this car worth the money. They wanted to improve this model even more, so they also reinforced the windshield so you don’t hear the noise coming from the outside.

    4. HONDA CR-V
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    A beautiful and reliable car. Whatever you need it for, you will be happy with it. And there is one more thing that makes this car worth your money: fuel economy. There are very few cars in this class that can compete with the CR-V.

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    This sedan is not too big, so don’t expect it to be good for longer rides. Its four cylinder engine is not too impressive, but if you need it for city rides, you will be happy with it. It also looks quite good. The interior is spacious, comfy and made of nice looking materials.

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    Another Honda that deserves to be on this list. They made it better than most other cars in this class. It normally comes with accessories like Blutooth connectivity for phone and a camera. It is very easy to drive and there is enough space inside the car. If you decide to sell it, you might still get good money for your used Civic.

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    One of the most popular midsize sedans. If you are looking to buy one, you might want to wait for an even better version: 2015 model. If you want to buy a Toyota Camry this year, you will still be happy with the current model. Its V6 provides enough power, the car is comfy on the inside and looks good on the outside. There is also a hybrid version.

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    This midsize sedan is beautiful and made with taste. Even thought comes with a V4 engine, owners say they are happy with its power. It performs quite well, even on winding roads and in bad road conditions. The brakes are excellent. The current model comes with some additional cool stuff, like cooling glove box, Bluetooth, satellite radio, etc.

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    Some owners complain about bad acceleration, but that was expected, considering the fact that it comes with a weak four cylinder engine. However, fuel economy is good, and the ride in general is comfy (unless you plan to use it for long rides outside the city). The interior could have been made nicer, with less plastic in it.

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    Evethough it comes with a V4 engine, it feels like it has enough power, which makes it fun to drive and easy to handle. It performs well even on the highways. If you still want more power, you can get one of these with a V6 engine. Owners are also happy with the interior and space. The car looks ellengant, both inside and out.
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