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The Reality of Me ...

Discussion in 'New Member' started by unf0rqiven.jhacq, Apr 21, 2015.

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  1. -- I am thee UNFORGIVEN and much popularity known as Jhacq ...

    A rocker indeed, that makes my soul in existence goes round & round, sets upside down and even, side by side ...
    The kind of Genre, I used to listen,
    Really inspires me a lot to take the right path of life ...
    And even of how excessively loud or even, too much noisy it is,
    Still, it enlightens up my whole world and strengthens me a lot ...

    Being a composer and i guitarist, too ...
    Whatever I'm feeling about or either, I'm thinking about,
    I used to play along my guitar and all my fingers began to jive the rhythm,
    Dances all along, on & on & on the strings ...
    Along with the lyrics, I arranged and put a melody on it,
    The tune of reflection, I have deep inside,
    Flourishes in the air, we breath-in,
    Captures the elevated part of my entity,
    And reaches out the highest degree of my goal ...

    I'm an emotional one, as well...
    Who's already sick and tired of what adventure I'm getting used to,
    Because for a very long, long time,
    I still failed to come up with my transformation in reality...
    And keep on hurting all my love ones, as well as, myself,
    For how many times, they gave me chance and still, I didn't achieve my determination in being...
    In truth, I can't even blame them,
    If it's very hard for them to believe in me, nor, trust me anymore ...
    For I continuously promising that I will not do it ever again,
    But it seems like, it was a joke all the time ...

    A happy-go-lucky person ...
    Be keen on putting a smile on my face, or even, laugh at all times,
    Although I'm feeling all alone and being sorry for myself ...
    I just hide and set shadow on its reality, I have inside,
    Just wanted to show and let them feel,
    That I'm a tough person and stronger enough by now,
    To face and accept those consequences that will comes along my journey ...
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  2. welcome to phc. keep enjoy! :D \m/

    imbaustic may kapatid na tayo dito. hehe.
  3. imbaustic

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    rock chick :). welcome sa PHC :). enjoy.
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