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The rare case of clarita villanueva

Discussion in 'Stories, Fiction & Essays' started by haze_hazard, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. haze_hazard

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    Clarita Villanueva, a 17-year-old Filipina girl, had known a life of tragedy. She did not remember her father. She did not know if he had died or had deserted her mother.Her mother was a spiritist and a fortune tellerby vocation. The girl was brought up watching her mother holding seances, communicating with the dead, and using clairvoyance to predict to sinful people what they could expect in the future. Her mother took money from people for her services, andthen laughed at them behind their backs. To her it was all just a game, a means of makinga living by duping unsuspecting and gullible people.When Clarita was still very young, about twelve years old, her mother died. Since she did not have any immediate family to take her in and care for her, she became a vagabond. She fell into the hands of harlots and at the tender age of 12 was selling her body as a prostitute. The harlots taught her how to handle men, how to get money for herservices.Clarita worked her way up from her island home to the capital city ofManila. The big city was a hiding place, a center of money and vice for her business. The local harlots became her teachers and she learned the night life in the big capital city. InManilathere were more men to seduce. By the time she was 17 years old, Clarita was frequentingthe bars and taverns ofManila, living the ‘gay life’ by soliciting men for harlotry.But one morning at2 a.m.on the streets of down-townManila, Clarita made the mistakeof offering her services to a plainclothes police officer. The policeman called for a vehicle and Clarita was taken to the ancient Bilibid Prison, used as the city jail. Bilibid hasbeen a prison for over 300 years. It was built by the Spanish and used by the Americans, the Filipinos, and the Japanese as a prison and a place of torment.Two days after Clarita was incarcerated, there struck the strangest phenomenon to ever hit Bilibid Prison in its 300-year history. This young harlot was bitten severely on her body by unseen and unknown alien entities. There were two of them – a huge monster-like spirit and a smaller one. They sunk their fangs and teeth deep into her flesh making deep indentations. They would bite her neck, back, legs and arms simultaneously. Blood flowed, mostly underneath her skin, from the bites. The 17-year-old girl screamed in horror and fainted.The guards and medics heard the commotion and came running to the women’s division of the prison. The other female inmates pointed to the writhing, tormented girl on a cot.The girl was taken to the prison hospital for observation and treatment where all the doctors declared that they had never seen anything like it.These strange demonic bitings began to occur daily, baffling all who saw it. Dr. Lara, the prison physician, appealed for help through the media and permitted many to view the strange phenomenon. Filipino, Chinese and American doctors, university professors, and other professionals were called in to analyze the situation.The news media soon caught wind of the occurrence and sent reporters out to investigate. The newspapers, radio stations and magazines found it their kind of story and began to publicize it. Even the cartoonists were soon drawing pictures of the entities from Clarita’s descriptions, as the bitings continued day by day. The UPI and other world news services began to report the phenomenon worldwide.In my travels throughout the world, I have notbeen in any country in which the newspapersdid not give this story front-page coverage.Switzerland,France,Germany,England,Canada, theUnited States– everywhere this strange phenomenon was front-page news at the time.One doctor accused the girl of putting on an act in order only to get publicity. Clarita gazed at the doctor. With her snake-like eyesshe said: ‘You will die’. He didn’t feel anything at the moment, but the following day the doctor expired without even getting sick. He simply died. Fear struck the city when that news was spread about.
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    Di natapos ang story kasi limited lang
  3. haze_hazard

    haze_hazard Addict Established

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