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The only reason

Discussion in 'Stories, Fiction & Essays' started by willy254, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. The only reason we stay standing is because we are under the shadow of our mothers’ prayers. Every day our mothers wake up and put us in the hands of the Lord. And every evening as the light hands the baton to darkness they put us again in the hands of Jehovah. They bow and they mumble: “Dear God of Abraham, guide me with your spirit as I pray for my children according to your will. I release them to you so that you can accomplish your will for their lives. Keep me from binding them by my needs, wants and ambitions for them. Get me out of your way so that you can work the life of Christ in them and protect them where they are. Give them grace and integrity and always look over them, Lord. I pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen.”
    At the exact time your mom is saying “amen”, you are probably in a bar sitting in front of half a bottle of bluemoon vodka. You will most likely get to a bodaa and be driven by a drunk bodaboda man and somehow you will get to your room safely because apparently God is protecting you. At the exact moment your mom says “amen” you are probably sitting across this whore with thick lips wondering if she has any knickers on, because you have been staring and there is no sign of a ***** strap on her waist. And if she isn’t wearing any – you will be thinking – does that mean your night might just turn out better? At the exact time your mom is saying “amen” you might be sitting somewhere outside your room deciding whether to stake all your fees for Atletico Madrid so that you get what is rightfully yours from Sportpesa.
    You remain oblivious of how your mom worries over you. How she prays that you will slow down. Or concentrate on your studies. Or quit drinking. Or come home more frequently. Or mend relations with your siblings. Or think of your future. Or stop keeping the company that you do. Or keep your *** in school. Or she just wants you to find Jesus. And so she prays for you every night. And she prays for your siblings. And for the sick. And the poor.
    She begs and cajoles and implores and bribes God. And even though God doesn’t show you a sign he always leads you away from deep pits. Pits that have swallowed many men’s souls, men who now howl to be rescued from the depths of it.
    Pronounce to yourself an Amen, Gang?
    So we continue to stay safe in this PHcorner because of our mothers’ prayers. Otherwise we would get squashed between steel by those big trucks loaded with cane on our way from partying at 2.00am. Or get shot accidentally by drunk gun holders. Or develop headaches and die in our sleep. Or get Ebola. Or get burdened by bad debts resulting from gâmblïng. Or develop peptic ulcers. Or get gout and hobble to lectures in sandals. Or meet bad women who break our hearts and leave us broke. Or meet bad men who break our hearts and leave us broke with bastard babies. But we thrive because of mom’s prayers.
    Good Day Folks
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