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The most stable ROM for Samsung I8190, I8190N, I819L Galaxy S III mini - VIRGINITY V11 Blazing fast

Discussion in 'Android Firmware & ROMs' started by Draft, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator


    -- Welcome to the Virginity ROM topic! --

    Author Said:


    • Based on stock i8190XXAMJ3 firmware
    • Fully deodexed and zipaligned
    • Debloated from every single Samsung bloatware and Google Play install-able apps
    • Pre-rooted with Chainfire's SuperSU
    • Pre-installed busybox
    • Pre-installed Crossbreeder 7.2.13 for speed and battery
    • Every single app was updated to its latest version to spare memory from updates
    • Init.d support
    • Initial host file ad-blocking
    • Pre-installed Adaway for ad-blocking and BLN control for lights notifications
    • Added Samsung Galaxy S4 font
    • Replaced Samsung keyboard with Xperia beautiful keyboard - lots of options and very smart dictionary!
    • GPS fast lock
    • Zipalign on boot
    • Amazing battery life
    • Buttery smoothness
    • MOD: Advanced reboot menu
    • MOD: Volume keys skip tracks when screen is off
    • Custom wallpapers (launcher and lockscreen) at first boot
    • Packs AMJ3 kernel with init.d support
    • Scroll cache disabled for faster scrooling
    • S4 icons on apps
    • Latest Google bootanimation
    • Back-light notifications support (needs Virginity kernel or other that supports it)
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 lockscreen + sounds from Koulis2000
    • Lots of S4 apps from amitnv
    • AC!D Audio Engine featuring Sony ClearAudio+, Beats Audio Engine, Dolby Digital Plus and Sony xLoud from Rizal Lovins for a perfect audio
    • AROMA Installer with the following options:
    • Kernels:Stock AMJ3 Kernel with init.d support, Virginity Kernel V3
    • Apps:
    • S4 Music Player
    • Video Player
    • Voice Recorder
    • FM Radio
    • Calculators:
    • Stock calculador
    • S4 Calculator Light
    • S4 Calculator Dark
    • S4 Widgets
    • Browser
    • S Planner
    • AccuWeather
    • S4 Yahoo News
    • S4 Yahoo Finance
    • S4 S Health
    • S4 MyFiles
    • S4 Samsung Link
    • S4 S voice
    • S4 TripAdvisor
    • S4 Polaris Viewer 5
    • S4 Office Suite
    • S4 SamsungApps
    • Samsung Fonts:
    • Choco cooky
    • Cool jazz
    • Helvetica S
    • Rosemary
    • Samsung Sans (S4)
    • S4 Memo
    • Stock Email & Exchange
    • SIM card menu
    • Adaway
    • Boot animations:
    • Google Nexus 5
    • Stock Samsung
    • Keyboards:
    • Xperia Honami Keyboard
    • Galaxy S4 Keyboard
    • Mods:
    • AC!D Engine
    • Crossbreeder
    • Zipalign on boot
    • Fly On Mod from slaid480
    • AuRa Statusbar from pulak861
    • MusicFX
    • Lots and lots of other optimizations!
    • Maybe something else I'm not remembering because it is late and I should be in bed


    Grab your virginity here and be sure to never loose it again

    Coming from stock-based ROM / updating
    1. Reboot to recovery
    2. Flash zip file
    3. Reboot

    Coming from AOSP-based ROM (CyanogenMod, AOKP, etc)
    1. Reboot to recovery
    2. Do a factory reset
    3. Flash zip file
    4. Reboot
    5. Wait for about 30 min for cache to be rebuilt
    6. Hit thanks on my posts until your wrists explode

    Both TWRP and CWM are good for flashing this. Optionally you can flash AMJ3 baseband from the second post down there ↓ where it says Extras

    Credits to the main Please or Register to view links @ xda.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2014
  2. Astig to Boss..(y)
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  3. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Gamit ku ito ng halos half 5 months na :)
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  4. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Virginity V8 25/01/2014
    • Removed Samsung Link
    • Removed Samsung Apps
    • Added Galaxy Lockscreen App in aroma. Super cool!
    • Added old S3 clock widgets in aroma
    • Updated Google Play Services to latest version
    • Updated Samsung Push Service to latest version
    • Updated SuperSU to latest version
    • Added SmartRotation to Settings - thanks lefterios!
    • Updated Virgity Kernel to V4
    • Fixed calendar sync in apps when SPlanner wasn't selected in aroma
    Download Link: Please or Register to view links
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  5. Pa try po..............
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  6. hello
    I am going to try it!
    I come from a CARMOR V7 ROM and I hope that Virginity surprise me .. if I'm not back to insult you it means that everything will be ok :rolleyes:
  7. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    For now V7 is more stable than V8 ;)
  8. do i have to flash the gaps package seperatedly ?
  9. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    No, it's built-in ;)
  10. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Virginity V9 22/01/2014
    Added ANA2 kernel as an option. AMJ3 will be removed in next release
    Fixed gallery icon for the S4 one
    Fixed incompatible widgets from S4-S3
    Added Samsung stock keyboard to the installer
    Removed S4 themed lockscreen since the lockscreen app is better
    Added option to update the baseband in the installer
    Removed Office Suits from the installer
    Removed Aura Status Bar as it is no longer compatible with ANA2. I will ask the developer for a port.
    All apps updated to their latest versions
  11. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Virginity V10 14/03/2014
    • Restored hidden Samsung Codes funcionality for the Dialer
    • Changed back Memo app to S3 one
    • Updated FlyOnMod to its latest version
    • Updated all apps to their latest versions
    • Moved S4 Icons on older apps to be an option in the installer
    • Removed some unseless Samsung Apps
    • Fixed missing S4 icons (Settings, Video Player...)
    • Moved the Live Wallpaper Picker to be an option in the installer
    • Removed all themes from the installer except ICS theme
    • Added option for choosing a device. Be careful choosing!
    • Default kernel for I8190 changed back to AMJ3 since ANA2 seems to be laggy
    • Added ANA2 kernel for I8190L
    • Added ANB1 kernel for I8190N
    • Added ANA2 baseband for I8190L
    • Added ANB1 baseband for I8190N
    • Fixed some improper versions in files
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  12. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Virginity V11 21/03/2014
    • Fixed some errors in the Aroma script
    • Added new S5 theme from me and @ronin790 as an option!
    • Updated all apps to their latest versions
    • Added all necessary files for NFC to work on N devices!
    • Added all Samsung Galaxy S4 system sounds!
    • Replaced Galaxy S4 Weather Widget with S5 Weather Widget

  13. panu ba ma download ang file wlang lumalabas na code sa mediafire help naman
  14. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Please or Register to view links
  15. Gumagana po ba yan sa i8190DXAMA2?
  16. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

  17. hi, wala po akong experience sa pag format at reinstall ng android phone.
    pwede ba itong VirginityV11_signed.zip sa phone ko?

    - pwde po bang makahingi ng step by step guide kung pano ireformat itong samsung phone.
    or link ng guide.

    First timer here, pero madali naman akong sumunod sa guides and tutorial.

    Model number: GT-I8190
    Android version: 4.1.2
    Baseband version: I8180XXALK6
    Kernel version: water@ubuntu #1
    Build number: ALPS.GB2.MP.V2.30
    Custom Build Version: 1383288174
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  18. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Follow mu lang ito ng mabuti: Please or Register to view links
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  19. dan

    dan Addict Established

    Virginity V13 16/05/2014
    • Reverted Sony Keyboard to previous version
    • Fixed the Video Player thumbnail video playing
    • Updated ronin790's theme to its latest version
    • Added shutdown animation from S5 to S5 bootanimation option
    • Added option to center the lockscreen clock (from ronin790)
    • Even more bloatware removed. Now the ROM is even cleaner!
    • Added option to install Samsung test features in Aroma installer.
    • Added favorite contacts and dialer widget to S3 widgets.
    • Added SPlanner widget
    • Moved Samsung TTS to be an option
    • Updated international baseband and kernel to ANF3
    • Updated NFC baseband and kernel to ANF6
    • All apps updated to their latest versions
    • Maybe something else I forgot to mention

      Based on ANF6
      Please or Register to view links
  20. rchard

    rchard Enthusiast Established

    pwede po ba to sa samsung GT-S6500D mini 2 ......ty po

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