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The latest release of the 'Clash Game Bot'

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans' started by spawns12, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]
    Introduction :
    Quote:As was posted before, we were working on Version 4 and were surprised by the game update. It has been a long hard effort to adapt Clash Game Bot to many changes found in the June CoC Update. In Version 4.1, we believe have fixed all the critical functions. Though you may encounter a minor issue occasionally. If you find one; please post a new thread in proper forums, so it can be addressed. We apologize that many new features originally planned for V4.1 have been delayed until a later date. The primary reason is due many developers spending time with thier familes during the summer holiday season. We appreciate your patience and support!Essential software :
    READ this before install the new bot :
    • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1
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    • Clash Of Games Bot v4.0.1
    • Change Log 4.1 :
      Fixed Issues :
      • Reading Profile report bug on slow PC
      • Town Hall Snipe troop Balancing
      • Locate upgrade crash when BS window is not open
      • Read error on Dark Elixir Storage
      • Clan Castle recognition issue in Troop deployment bar, and failed deployment
      • Drop trophy attack without enough troops bug
      • Attack Report Reading values bug for slow PC
      • Issues in RequestCC for slow PC
      • Unbreakable not attacking when camp is full bug
      • Zoom out bug when users base had valid colors in same place as pixel check
      • Stuck in "Waiting for mainscreen" endless loop bug
      • Reduced the setlog text color rainbow to use consistent colors for common messages
      • Next button coordinates to avoid clicking config button when OOS error.
      • "Check Obstacles not checking for battle end button" bug
      • Village search not ending battle when out of gold bug
      • BlueStacks and AutoIt crashes due DLL error
      • Barracks boost not working due bad pixel color check
      • Not attacking due Train troop loop when barracks full

      • Building locating process
      • Reduced building locating @ startup if already known
      • GBARCH TH Snipe algorithm
      • Increased speed of collecting
      • Changed training to use barracks tabs instead of prev/next buttons to ensure proper barracks
      • Changed Default trophy level to 5000 to prevent unwanted trophy loss
      • Code readabililty through more use of screen coordinates
      • Skip locating buildings for OOS
      • Ability to specify profile when starting via command line
      • Extra character spaces in GUI for longer village names
      • Status update count down timerfor Take-A-Break
      • Reboot PC option to Halt modes
      • Code to avoid Zoom out hang bug due window focus loss
      • Removed/Improved debugsetlog messages to improve execution speed and maintain diagnosis capabilities.
      • Code to allow Bot folder to work on any drive in PC.
      • Startup message when Bot detects Town hall below TH6

      Coming soon in 4.2
      • Chat request : Some Turkish letters , add more languages selectable from GUI..
      • Upgrade Buildings v3
      • Walls Upgrade v3
      • DE Side Attack
      • Improve the TH Sniping
      • More Stats/GUI
      • Boost Barracks individual
      • ..... and collaboration directly with all good contributors in code snippet session.
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    Last edited: Aug 11, 2015
  2. sir working sakin salamat sir
  3. no problem boss,,,,,
  4. salamat idol spawns12. hahaha
  5. nyahahahaha,,,,,
  6. pwede ba to sa android rooted po. phone kp
  7. pang pc lang boss,,,,kung pang android,dummy sprite apk. ang pwede,,meron dito,,dl mo na lang
  8. san ko mkkita yang dunmy sprite na yan ?
  9. Tol Spawn Dead na ang Link mo, pa update. thanks
  10. updated na tol,,,,,,hehehehehe,,,
    jrockers likes this.
  11. Pa update nmn tol salamat!!
  12. update na boss,,,
  13. jetstingray09

    jetstingray09 Addict Established

    may TH hunt ba rito??at kung meron, paano siya mag sesearch automatic ba na makakakita agad siya ng naka labas ang TH? or ang gagawin niya puro next? pasagot mga master, salamat po! :)
  14. how can i download this . Cant DL in 4shared
  15. ;) thanks idol :D :D
  16. na DL nga corupted nmn :(
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