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The Filipinos One Day Millionaire Attitude

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by Yours, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. The Filipinos One Day Millionaire Attitude

    It would seem to me that Filipinos these days have improved economic capacity, i.e. more call centers means more jobs, more OFWs means more remittances. Unfortunately, their financial literacy has not risen enough to allow them to make better purchasing decisions hence Filipinos continue to be One-Day Millionaires.

    “ I just got my salary a week ago, and now I’m broke?”

    “Relatives to OFW – We need money. The money you sent last week is not enough! We will starve if you don’t send.”

    The big WHY? We collected here the top ten (10) reasons…

    Out of town
    Filipinos love going out of town, doesn’t matter if there is an occasion or none. They don’t care how much it will cost as long as they can get out of their “daily routine.”

    With more and more international brands opening up stores in the Philippines – Uniqlo, Forever 21, H&M – Filipinos have flocked to these stores in droves on buying sprees. Some even come from as far as north and south of the country just to shop at these stores.

    Giving money to relatives
    More and more Filipinos move to the metro cities to get jobs. Initially the plan is to support the immediate family but as they start earning more they also begin to support the extended family. Sadly, some do this simply to show that they are better than the rest of the family.


    Malling is the new in-thing for Filipinos. Manila has become one city of malls, with new malls big or small sprouting up everywhere. Given the many malls, you will find Filipinos always inside one – either to get relief from the heat or to just simply walk around or worse end up buying from wants rather than needs.

    môviês is another past time for the Filipinos. You can always see long lines of people especially on môviê opening days of their favourite local môviê stars.

    Filipinos always look for a reason to go out . One of these is trying out new bars and restaurants, doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not. What’s important is that they’ve been to this new place that’s the talk of the town.

    Expensive Restaurants
    Another habit of a Filipino is to go out with the entire family on weekends. But these days Filipinos love to go to the newest restaurant that opened which are not necessarily cheap.

    Now that there are casinos everywhere in the country, Filipinos have been enjoying the games and trying their luck out. Some end up losing everything they own as they get addicted to the games.

    Excessive groceries
    Go to any S&R branch and you’ll be amazed at how Filipinos buy their groceries. At check out counters, you’ll see rows and rows of grocery carts just for one buyer. They buy as if there is no tomorrow.

    Beauty Salon
    These days external beauty, i.e. white flawless skin, long silky hair, etc. can be achieved when you have the money to go to all the many beauty clinics around the metro. And Filipinos have gone gaga over whitening soaps and lotions and getting their hair coloured. Some spend huge sums for their so-called “wellness” rituals like foot scrubs, body massages, body scrubs and the like.


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