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The Emerald Isle

Discussion in 'Quotes & Poems' started by creedito, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. creedito

    creedito Forum Guru Established

    Full of mystical folklore banshee's and fairies
    Endless searching for clover while leprechaun's hide
    under ground
    Mist in the air shadowy dance
    Bracken are the hillside's with bluebell's and romance
    A thorn between county's once driven apart
    Gaelic football and hurling playing under a golden harp
    Known for there talk fighting and drink
    It's people have big heart's and smile's with a nod
    and a wink
    It's most famous city with it's cobbled stone street's
    Walked author's and poets
    As musicians played in the street's
    Although the tenement building's no longer stand
    The bacon and cabbage is still in demand
    A pot of caudill was known as the poor man's broth
    The pawn shop by the Liffee bore everyone's cross
    The rag and bone man no longer calls
    No more horses and cart's everyone now has car's
    Steeped in tradition it's mythers so brave
    This country so green
    The emerald isle
  2. thanks for posting :)
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