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TesseracT: Introduction

Discussion in 'New Member' started by TesseracT, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. I'm Mart
    Age: 17
    I live in the depths of Mindanao

    Been a forumer for a few years and I saw this forum from Google, the really good stuff on this site
    is the notifications, it's like Facebook, you don't need to 'reload/refresh' just to see if someone replied
    on your thread or somebody sent you a PM and also you can like threads and replies that helped you
    and that what it makes this site more cooler.

    I love music like Metal, Hardcore, Metalcore and any sub-genres like Deathcore, Death Metal, Black Metal, and
    other genre additions like what others call it like Technical, Progressive, Melodic, or Brutal.
    I hate ridiculous type of music like Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, One Direction and any kind of artist like them.
    Not all pop artist like Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, & etc because they're good unlike those new generation pop
    artist because they have awful music.
    Imagine One Direction, they insist that they're a band yet nobody plays an instrument even one of them. :dead:

    Also, I hate people judge quickly, for example I like metal and what society thinks about me I'm
    a satanist, no, no! Music doesn't affect religion and religion has nothing to do with music, use your
    common sense if you're gonna argue with me about church music because that's too far and a different whole level
    and people who considers music with high-pitched screams as screamo, no and for example, a Post-Hardcore band
    or random bands with high-pitched screams, they still call it screamo.

    I enjoy downloading random stuffs, I do blogs, doing GFX designs, creating useful threads and helping people.

    Last thing that I should tell you guys, I came on this site to learn and explore new things and I'm
    willing to share what I've learned from my experience, for short 'share for shares'.
    And the things I hate about people on forums, for example you posted a thread and there goes the
    visitor, for him it's pretty useless because/maybe he has a better or just go post and flame the author,
    I don't like that kind of people, you should tell him/her in a polite way even you feel bad about it.

    Yes, I am done with my introduction, please don't be hurt, if you don't like me because of
    my dislikes but we can still do it in the other way to be friends. :p

    We're cool and this is me TesseracT and I hope I'll have a good relationship with the members
    at this site and the staffs.

    Mabuhay PH Corner and I hope I am welcome here! :LOL:

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  2. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    wow ah..
    you're one of a kind, hmmm..
    i like your introduction..
    and i appreciate your effort so much..

    try these for free internet:
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  3. :wphc: kindly read forum rules to avoid any violation >> Please or Register to view links
    Enjoy here!!! (y)
  4. Causing Glenn

    Causing Glenn daemonX Staff Member Moderator

    nice introduction Please or Register to view links (y)
    Welcome here & Enjoy. :D
  5. Already did :p and thanks!

    Sure thing!

    Thanks Mod Glenn! :)
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  6. Welcome po sa phcorner! :)
  7. (y)
  8. La Freak

    La Freak Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    :gangnamstyle: :wphc::gangnamstyle:

    I Hope You Have A Time To Read This : :)
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  9. Hello, welcome to: " PHcorner " Relax & Enjoy.
    click this link
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