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Tennis Champs Returns

Discussion in 'iPhone Games' started by Yours, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. It’s F2P Friday (yep, I’m sticking with it): Tennis Champs Returns


    For the past two Fridays we’ve been highlighting free-to-play games that might not immediately suck. I know, it’s hard to believe, but it seems to be possible. The first week we talked about Please or Register to view links which just went live this week, and last week we talked about the compact 4X title Please or Register to view links. Super Tribes did F2P right, only charging cash for new content. Both weeks we had a Please or Register to view links of another F2P title that made its way to the App Store back in mid-February, Tennis Champs Returns.

    Tennis Champs Returns remarkably features tennis or, as we call it, ping pong for athletic people. This is a remake of an old Amiga title and features career play against over 200 AI opponents. Basic gameplay is similar to golf games in which there’s a slider and you’re trying to time the release at just the right time. With Tennis Champs Returns, however, there’s also a D-pad that you use to control where your avatar needs to be as well as targeting your shots. I’ve played for a bit and it’s pretty clear that I suck. It’s a bit too twitchy for me to ever play very well, but it is pretty well done. The graphics are old-school and fit the game quite well and there’s a lengthy set of tutorials you can play through until you can hit the perfect topspin return shot or power over your first serve for an ace.

    That brings us to the F2P aspect. How is developer Uprising Games making money? Well, the game has ads and there’s a $2 IAP in the store to remove them. That wouldn’t be bad, but it doesn’t appear to be the end all be all of the F2P shenanigans. You can also buy Gold and Silver coin packs and bundles that unlock skill points, energy drinks, new outfits, and more. What, exactly, all the coins end up buying is a mystery as I’m not past the tutorial missions yet. That’s what the comments below are for.

    Tennis Champs Returns is available for Please or Register to view links. There’s no official trailer that I could find, so after the break watch some Career mode gameplay from Please or Register to view links.

    Please or Register to view links
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