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Telstra Abandons PH Joint Venture Plan

Discussion in 'General Mobile Network Tutorials' started by BlackArchAngel, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. BlackArchAngel

    BlackArchAngel Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Will there still be a third telco in PH?

    The joint venture that everybody has been waiting for is not going to happen, as Australian telco Telstra has announced that they were unable to reach a commercial arrangement on a possible equity investment in the venture.

    “While this opportunity is strategically attractive, and we have great respect for San Miguel Corporation and its President Mr (Ramon) Ang, it was obviously crucial that the commercial arrangements achieved the right risk-reward balance for all involved,” Mr Penn said.

    Despite the company not going through with their plans, they have offered to continue to give technical network design and construction consultancy support to San Miguel.

    Will San Miguel still pursue their plans of establishing a third telco?

    Third Telco Will Enter PH This Year, With or Without Telstra

    Even without the Australian Telco, San Miguel will be entering the game
    We have good news and bad news for you. First the bad news: Australian Telco Telstra’s possibility of arrival in the PH is growing dimmer and dimmer each day, as no deal has yet been struck with local company San Miguel. There’s a good chance that they’re probably never going to arrive in our country to challenge incumbents Globe and Smart. Now the good news: San Miguel Corporation will be pushing ahead with their plans of establishing their own telco with or without Telstra, so a third mobile telco is pretty much guaranteed this year.

    This is according to an Inquirer interview with San Miguel Corporation president Ramon S. Ang, who said that they would be launching their own telco even without the Australian company. One of their opening salvos against the encumbent telcos? Cheaper prices.

    “Nobody can stop this anymore. When we launch, we expect to lure subscribers right away with better quality and cheaper Internet,” Ang said.

    Ang also noted that the entry of a third player in the game will force both Smart and Globe to invest on better services to compete.

    “If there is a third player, they will have to invest,” Ang said. “All we want is once we switch on our service, they improve their quality so the consumer will win.”
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  2. Tama pala nasabi sakin ng tropa from Telstra Moa..
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  3. BlackArchAngel

    BlackArchAngel Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    paasa yung telstra haha
  4. hay love yow boss black :rolleyes:
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  5. Hinarang na siguro ng Globe at Smart yan gaya ng ginawa nila sa Digitel. :P binili ang digitel para hindi maging ka-kumpitensya.

    parang inasal na binili ni Jolibbee na naging Chooks-to-go
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  6. akala ko totoo na, akala ko sya na nga, akala ko sya na ang pupuwang ng kakulangan ko sa internet, pero anong nangyare? hindi lang pala ako pinaasa nya :( so sad :'(
    Telstra paasa.
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  7. BlackArchAngel

    BlackArchAngel Support Team Staff Member Support Team

  8. Sana hindi rin parehas yun San Miguel sa mga globe and smart.
  9. BlackArchAngel

    BlackArchAngel Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    mas cheap at mas mabilis daw yung sa san miguel
  10. serokun

    serokun Addict Established

    Papaasahin nanaman tayo nyan haha
  11. Alam mo naman yung mga rich companies eh..treat their words with a pinch of salt until their actions prove it.
  12. BlackArchAngel

    BlackArchAngel Support Team Staff Member Support Team

  13. San miguel joint venture with bell telecommunications from canada but the service is for business in makati only.
  14. kjmj14

    kjmj14 Honorary Poster Established

    Oh well, i guess its up to Bell Telecom. to save the day for us. And i really hope so because the first one failed, talking about wi-tribe over here. :)

    News link => Please or Register to view links
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  15. jjarongay

    jjarongay Forum Veteran Established

    Paasa na Telstra, pero thanks San Miguel
  16. kjmj14

    kjmj14 Honorary Poster Established

    Hindi din naten masisise si Telstra kasi medyo baluktot ang law ng pinas pagdating sa mga percentage ng ownership sa mga bagong company na itatayo sa pinas. Mas dihado kasi ang mga foreigner kumpera sa lokal businessman ng pinas. Its like going to a battle without a gun para sa mga foreigner. At yun din ang dahilan kaya ang baba ng job percentage sa pinas.
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  17. Pulubi11

    Pulubi11 Journeyman Established

    Mawawalan kasi ng kita ang pldt at globe pati smart kaya hinarang :(
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  18. kjmj14

    kjmj14 Honorary Poster Established

    Agree, 101%...
    Pero at least tumaas ng tumaas mbps ng plan namin sa PLDT. We started from:
    plan 1995 = 3mbps
    plan 1995 = 5mbps
    tapos yung lumabas yung issue about kay telstra at sa mga iba pang papasok na telcos sa pinas, naging
    plan 1995 = 8mbps

    A really big improvement if you ask me... :)
    And for that ayaw ko na baguhin plan ko kasi alam ko once na magpadowngrade or upgrade ako ng plan papasok na si FUP at yun ang ayaw ko. Gusto ko unlimited all the way...ehehe... :D
  19. mabubuhayan ang E-sports community if ever na maging mabilis at low cost ang internet provider:D
  20. kjmj14

    kjmj14 Honorary Poster Established

    Mabilis at low cost nga pero may FUP naman, kaya wala din...:mad::banghead:
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