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Tagalog Green Jokes

Discussion in 'Gags & Jokes' started by ahpaul11, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. Tagalog Filipino Green Jokes
    • WOMAN to DOC: Thank you for making me a virgin again for my wedding night. It was perfect, the blood, the pain and it only cost 50pesos! How did you do it?
      DOC : I tied your PUBIC hair together!
    • KUMARE 1: Nag-away kami ng pare mo kasi gusto niya sa *** dog style
      KUMARE 2: What’s wrong with that?
      KUMARE 1: Eh gusto niya na naman sa DAAN din!
    • In a rape trial, the victim was asked by a lawyer: Did you scream for help?
      LADY : Yes sir.
      LAWYER: Did anyone came?
      LADY: Yes sir….he did… then I did
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  2. yung 1st :hilarious:
  3. nice one , nya hahaha
  4. haha just make ka PH laugh
  5. Hehe ayus din..tinali lang pala xD
  6. haha xD natatawa din ako kaya gusto ko lang mag share
  7. hahahahaha tae tawang tawa naman ako sa unang joke mo sir xD nice~!
  8. hahaha thanks for sharing :ROFLMAO:
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